Few soon and future releases for anime DVDs in UK

For our readers from Britain, if y’all didn’t know this one already.

From Anime Corporation News

MVM Picks up Witchblade, Black Lagoon for the UK

…MVM has licensed Witchblade and Black Lagoon for English UK DVD releases…

Bleach UK Trailer 

…”hip, flashy, funkily fragmented” UK release of the Bleach anime…

Ray’s take:  I got a gripe here. What, they can’t get funky, British-accented people to do the promotional video for UK? I mean, this is what they mean by “hip, flashy, funkily fragmented”? With an announcer with a voice like that? He’s not even British? I mean, I know that’s their in-house announcer. But see, localization is important in doing businesses, especially when doing promotions for a new product. I know nothing about the UK market but I wonder if the folks there would appreciate it better if they can hear someone speaks in one of their familiar accents in the promotional trailer.

Author: Ray

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3 thoughts on “Few soon and future releases for anime DVDs in UK

  1. That voice over for the Bleach trailer sounds very close (the same) as the one on my R1 Naruto DVDs (I sold my R2 Manga versions when they went dubtitles :x)
    *punches announcer in the face for calling Ishida, Uryuu since I dislike his first name alot*
    I’m not that much of a Bleach fan anymore and wont be buying this release or importing the R1 release either.

    1. Hi David. So, are you looking for DVD releases? Or do you want to try out fansubs first and decide which one to buy? When I typed “anime DVD UK” in google, this is the store that I came up with, maybe this one can be a starter search for you – http://www.anime-on-line.com/xcart/home.php?cat=7
      As for something to recommend, let’s start out with the basic categories: action (male oriented), drama, comedy, sports, adventure, Sci-Fi. It can be hard to distinguish them in today’s anime world. Have you seen the classics like Cowboy Bebop, Slayers, or Ninja Scroll? These are great adventure/sci fi, comedy and action (ninja) titles from the 90’s. As for a more recent comedy, my personal favorite without being too geeky, is School Rumble. It has some of the sitcom elements such as misunderstanding, exaggerated emotions and awesome character interactions. Azumanga Daioh is a good one but only if you’ve been a fan for a while. Noir is always good for pure action with a flair of French Film Noir. For Mecha/Comedy, Full Metal Panic is a choice that you cannot lose with. Last Exile is one of those must-see fantasy titles that invokes the spirit of steampunk and set in a grand stage of war between guilds. Rahxephon is the new gen of Eva without all the messy parts. For a great postcyberpunk show with intrigue and deep plots, go for Ghost in the Shell TV series one and two.
      I hope I’m not being confusing. Without knowing where exactly you’re coming from, it’s hard to make tailored suggestions. I hope this helps! XD

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