Ridley Scott Directing Berserk?

From ANN

Berserk, Baki, Barefoot Gen Pitched to Hollywood

…Producer Northrop Davis confirmed at the Saturday grand opening of the New People cultural entertainment center in San Francisco that he pitched… possibly for James Cameron (Titanic, Aliens, Avatar) to direct…

Ray’s Take: Well, do we want to see these films become Hollywood remakes? Hard to tell, because stuff like Berserk can be translated, except some of the darker themes would be lost for sure. But a story of a wrestler (?) and Barefoot Gen? Well, when was the last time Hollywood brought us good messages without any contamination? This seems like the latest entry in the “suspicion” that Hollywood writers are running out of fresh and original ideas and have to borrow from somewhere else. In any case, I can’t remember the last time I went to see Hollywood-style movies for a powerful and educational message, except this one – “The Americans have found a way to hack into the Aliens’ computer!”

Yer damned right.

3 thoughts on “Ridley Scott Directing Berserk?

  1. Northrop Davis has been saying the same line for years.  He’s a decent lecturer, but I’ll believe it when I see a trailer.

  2. @ schneider – yep, one scene with great impact that won’t make it if the project ever come to fruition.

    @ 2DT- I see we have a script writer. Awesome. I think our hope here at the Diet is that none of these projects works out. Some things just don’t translate well.

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