New Afro Samurai Movie premiere

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Afro Samurai Movie

An Afro Samurai theatrical movie has been announced for release in Tokyo’s Shibuya ward on October 27, 2007. The movie reportedly includes new animated footage.

Ray’s Take: Oh shit, oh shit…Here I go with the comments…WARNING! THE FOLLOWING COMMENTS ARE RATED R (clearing his throat): [spoiler] Good goddamn motherfucking new Afro Samurai movie, just what the motherfucking doctor ordered. I’m gonna git myself to that goddamn place…what’s it called? Motherfuckin’ Shibuya, that’s it, and git myself a Royale wit cheese. Mighty fuckin’ tasty Royale wit Cheese…oh shit! I just blew the director’s fucking brains out! Goddamnit, that mutherfucka gave me a real fuckin’ gun! Shit…Oh double shit, now look what I’ve done, in my righteous anger, I accidentally struck down that other motherfucker with my goddamn sword! Damn that motherfucker splashes me with so much fucking blood! How the fuck am I gonna clean up all this shit?…[/spoiler] (Washing his mouth with industrial strength liquid cleaner) Ahem. I hope this is a nice film good for the family.

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