Russians being converted to Haruhiism…

From Anime Corporation News

Pet Shop of Horrors, Haruhi Suzumiya Heading to Russia 

…with plans to release it in Russia and other former-Soviet Union countries…Reanimedia will also be distributing the Russian dub of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya beginning in early 2008.

Ray’s take:  Even atheists have to believe in the power of Haruhiism and it world altering abilities. Bow down to the one that you serve, you’re gonna get what you deserve!  Man, this makes me wanna write another fake news…

Last time Italian Mafia got into the anime pirating trade, I wonder if Russian Mafia will follow suit?

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  1. Orthodoxy is on a significant surge in Russia recently, and they have tons of Muslims already, so Haruhism might have some issues.

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