Rounding up Anime Diet’s Coverage of MangaNEXT

There you have it. Anime Diet’s first time at MangaNEXT, and just to sum it up. It was a great convention, and definitely as a fan of manga, a convention to not be missed. Take a peek through the posts I was able to write.. .and definitely don’t miss out on the next MangaNEXT, and consider AnimeNEXT in June.

Summing MangaNEXT 2012
Vertical at MangaNEXT
MangaNEXT 2012: Panels in a Nutshell
Yuri Panel at MangaNEXT
Gen Manga at MangaNEXT
Conversations with Felipe Smith at MangaNEXT
State of the Industry at MangaNEXT
Boys Love Mangaka Fan Q&A at MangaNEXT

Also Check out Anime Diet’s Flickr of images I took. ^_^

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  1. Thanks animemiz for reporting! Otsukara-sama! Felipe Smith interview was interesting, how business are done differently in Japan and USA. And digital screentone stuff.

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