Kotono Mitsuishi: not confirmed yet as Usagi in Sailor Moon (2013)

Kotono Mitsuishi has not yet confirmed whether she will be Usagi in the upcoming Sailor Moon remake next year. Find out why we believe this is so.


At the Kodansha USA panel yesterday, we asked company representative Dallas Middaugh whether, in light of reports that Kotono Mitsuishi would reprise her role as Usagi/Sailor Moon in the upcoming 2013 anime remake, any of the other original seiyuu from the 1990s anime would return to their roles.

Mr. Middaugh said that this was based on a mistranslation of Mitsuishi’s comments, and that while she would like to return to the role, she was not confirmed in it, nor has any of the casting been done for voices. The only confirmation was on the theme song.

We received a report at this point that Mitsuishi’s blog indicated otherwise, and that Kodansha USA—a manga distributor—would not necessarily be privy to such information. Then another twitterer indicated just the opposite. At that point we decided to look at the sources ourselves and translate Mitsuishi’s blog entry in question:



Next year summer Sailor Moon’s new anime!

I’m feeling itched to act as soon as possible.
But my enemy is not Dark Kingdom.
I was recklessly working at that time.

Based on our Japanese translator’s judgment, this entry appears to be in line with Mr. Middaugh’s assertion that she has only indicated a desire, not confirmation, to work on the series. Other news outlets, such as Anime News Network and io9, support this view. We thus believe that Mitsuishi-san is not yet confirmed as Usagi in Sailor Moon 2013.

The only official news says Momoiro Clover Z is singing the theme song for the new Sailor Moon. It does not mention anything about the casting of the seiyuus.

Thanks to Rome, our translator, for assisting with this story. We hope this helps clarify the situation.


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