Otakon 2011: Fan Parodies with DragonFish Films

Experiencing fan parodies often for a person on their computer is a solitary experience, but how about screening it on a large screen for two nights until the wee hours of morning? Many people I know would definitely put Fan Parodies on their agenda. For me, this is my second year experiencing some form of Fan Parodies, and it definitely reminds me of my high school anime club viewings. How about for any other people? How does it feel like experiencing it with 100+ people?

Fan Parodies give a certain group of people an opportunity to showcase short films that is made, for the enjoyment of being able to poke fun at a known element. First comers don’t be afraid of this, but definitely go with friends if you are able to. Often though I don’t happen to stay around for the entire thing, though from what I can recall, there is enjoyment, and laughter for the sheer stupidity in some of the dubbing and comparisons.

This year’s Fan Parodies happen to screen DragonFish Films‘s latest short trailer for MooGooGaiPan. They are a great bunch of people to know and see, so I made some plans to go and watch DFF’s initial screening with thePaper.

MooGooGaiPan is a reminiscence of a 70’s to 80’s approach to viewing Hong Kong cinema with some serious CGI-brother loyalty between two brothers: MooGoo, a ‘shroom (looking like a Nintendo’s Goomba) and GaiPan a human brother who is stuck outside of his brother’s limelight. When push comes to shove though what happens to GaiPan when MooGoo is struck down?

I hope that other people who watched this screening enjoyed it as much as I did, and I definitely have to thank DFF again for their assistance during Otakon. Prior to the fan parodies, I found myself with Robin in a video and that is the result of maybe 4+ takes. I am not for one having a screen presence, but with DFF hard at work, there is still more coverage from AD and DFF.

Author: Linda

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