Baby the Stars Shine Bright/Alice and the Pirates Fashion Show @ Otakon 2011

A large number of fans arrived early to wait in line for the Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirate fashion show. It was an adorable sight to see so many dressed in their cutest lolita outfits. The turnout provided an auspicious beginning to Otakon’s second day even if the show started over a half hour behind.

Set to ambient music one might find in a fairy tale involving sleeping princesses, the models posed generously. And with inviting gestures, they lured the audience into a trance in a surprisingly short amount of time. This became painfully apparent during the few moments when the music dropped and I felt myself awkwardly out of place sitting inside a modern facility staring at fashion of a long bygone era. All of which speaks volumes to the designers’ talent.

From just out of arm’s reach, it occurred to me that there’s a direct positive relationship between proximity and appreciation. The immense attention paid to intricate details, which are lost as distance grows, remains the forte of each piece. I often found my eyes drawn to the delicate frills of fabric surrounding the neckline or to the ridiculously festive headpieces or grandiose lace bow at the back of dresses. The time and skill devoted in crafting each and every detail left an almost mesmerizing impression.

My favorite piece (depicted to the right) stood out against the deluge of sweetness. The amalgam of the hat, the domineering bow, striped vest, Victorian romper, for lack of a better word, and knee high stockings establishes a boardroom presence rivaling that of a bespoke Armani suit. And it does so in purple!

Ultimately though, as the fantasy came to an end, I wondered if there’s ever an occasion where one might don such magnificent constructions of fabrics besides garden tea parties or an Emilie Autumn concert. Then again, works of breathtaking beauty blend into any milieu.

Edited show on Youtube, courtesy of Dragonfish Films, as are the photos.

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