Otakon 2011: Summing up Makoto Shinkai Experience!

Getting together photos, and faithfully transcribing Makoto Shinkai’s appearance, just a week after Otakon is a great deal of work and I can only imagine how much satisfaction there is for readers after all this is done. Covering Mr. Shinkai’s appearance was the main agenda of mine during Otakon 2011, so for three days. I followed public and press appearances of Mr. Shinkai.

On Friday, I waited on an autograph line with many Makoto Shinkai fans and friends. There’s apparently a new autograph policy necessity for personalizing every autograph, probably to ward off selling products on eBay. However, for every fan who got an autograph, there was a movie postcard. There, I was happy to report that he said “Thank you!” to Mike for enjoying his films. P.S. I mailed autograph, Otakon goodies to him on Tuesday.

Saturday there was the film premiere for Mr. Shinkai’s latest film. Then the fan q&a of which Dragon Fish Films were with me.. so please be on the lookout for a video and a transcription of the fan panel.. and a review for the movie screening.

Sunday come 9am, there was a press conference. Be on the lookout for transcription of that conference.

I think I may have seen an inkling for why there are fans like Mike that would definitely count this as a great experience to hear. I recall omonomono tweeting…

Shinkai brings all the brainy questions to the yard

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