Anime Diet @ Otakon 2009

In the early days of Anime Diet, our illustrious founder Mike covered every Otakon personally. With a heavy con load this year, it has fallen to newer writers to step up and cover Otakon 2009!


It may seem a little early to be speaking of this July con, but some folks have been preparing since last August! I leave you with these classic words, “The flag has been planted, and world domination will surely follow! Look forward to our coverage.”

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  1. I should note that my Otakon reports predate the founding of Anime Diet/Scattered Cels by a few years. I reported on Otakon 2004 and 2005 on my personal blog back then, as well as my first AX in 2006. A lot of the pictures are now missing somewhere for those posts though.

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