Anime Boston 2011: Mari Iijima Concert Set List

Yesterday was the official Friday of Anime Boston, and Mari Iijima was a Friday guest, alongside other things I happen to see and do at this convention. Check out my twitter if you’re curious. But as this moment, I have time to update Mari’s concert set list. She was great to share it. Since I have a special interest in Mari as a guest, she was the guest I attended a majority of panels for yesterday. During the convention, I made a request to her guest relation for her set list, so I was definitely please to see that Mari had also uploaded it to her facebook, so if there are people getting into her music, definitely check her out. Mari keeps contact with her fans via facebook, and her website.

Mari Iijima is a trained pianist, who is a singer/songwriter. Early on her music career, she was chosen among thousands to play Lynn Minmay for the original Macross in the 1980s.  Here is her set list from the concert:

Oh England My Lionheart (Kate Bush Cover)
Broken Computer
Goodbye My Love (New Song)
*Do You Remember Love
Stop Crying Your Heart Out (Oasis Cover)

*During all her appearances at the convention, Mari was a very personal, gracious, and frank singer, who created memories for those who saw her on this side of the coast. During the concert, Mari either stood or played on a piano and  kept up a steady stream of conversation for her feelings about these songs. She did mention before performing, Do You Remember Love, that there is difficulty on singing this particular song that is a continuing fan favorite. So her performance of this was sung with participation from the audience, and her rendition of the song this time around was definitely different. Definitely was a performance to not miss.

Author: Linda

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5 thoughts on “Anime Boston 2011: Mari Iijima Concert Set List

    1. She sang such a different version of this song, that if the convention didn’t have any issues with video. I would have tried to record it. But singing it along with her, was also happiness. ^_^

  1. Yes. Been keeping up with Iijima-san for several years now. Was also lucky enough to say hi to her four years ago. Was very nice, and incredibly honest. Always cheering for her.

    1. She is very gracious. Had to miss out on her autograph sessions, since I really didn’t know what cool aspect I had for her to sign. Also I truly wish I had more time to be in her presence. But Boston schedule was so darn compressed. T_T

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