PMX 2009 Twitter Digest – Day 1 (Friday)

The first of many PMX posts to come! Day 2’s digest is forthcoming, as well as some exclusive video of famous director Nabeshin and many exclusive photos. Stay tuned!

Day 1, Friday

Inside the concert which is about to start at PMX! Several artists are playing.
–posted at 13:06:41

We have a good photographer with a real camera so expect good pics soon! #pmx2009
–posted at 13:10:38

The pre show stage.
–posted at 13:13:19

Playing tonite are Uchusentai NOIZ, Papillon, Ai Cherie, and Rusika. There will be a review by someone who knows them better than me 🙂
–posted at 13:14:40

And the concert begins…with a Britney song? Ironic or not? #pmx2009
–posted at 13:23:40

And Ai Cherie is off after 3 songs. Rusika is next.
–posted at 13:33:23

These guys are a rock band.
–posted at 13:37:17

The bassist gets down. #pmx2009
–posted at 13:42:54

Rocking out!
–posted at 13:48:28

They sound a lot like Modest Mouse with this song.
–posted at 14:01:23

Rusika is out. Papillon is next but no pics allowed. They are the first actual Japanese band tonight.
–posted at 14:12:59

Actually it looks like the fashion show is next. This is the cleared space for it.
–posted at 14:19:42

They were moving too fast to get a good iPhone pic. Oh well.
–posted at 14:35:14

Papillon. Press can take pics in the first 3 songs. Heck yeah. (iPhone pics taken down…must be preapproved by management first. Sorry!)
–posted at 14:47:15

They’re doing God Knows….Nice.
–posted at 14:53:36

It’s like a rave in here.
–posted at 14:59:51

Papillon is out. Another fashion show before Uchusentai comes out.
–posted at 15:11:15

Uchusentai is up next. They helped invent visual kei from what I understand.
–posted at 15:30:54

Nabeshin has just left the room. We have a pic from our photographer to prove it.
–posted at 15:33:57

The funny thing is that Uchusentai is up there now–wiring their own stuff. And no one notices!
–posted at 15:35:36

Tweeting will be light for Uchusentai as our photographer ran out of space on his card so I’ll be shooting pics. They have to be preapproved
–posted at 15:42:23

The guys in the band are sure speaking a lot of Engrish!
–posted at 16:07:53

The crowds fired up.
–posted at 16:19:37

They’re asking what kind of girls the band likes. Answers include big butts and small breasts.
–posted at 16:21:09

“My Pokemon is going crazy! Pikachu!” –lead singer. Who is now leading us in We Will Rock You
–posted at 16:30:58

And they’re shouting for an encore.
–posted at 16:46:18

And that’s it for the concert and day 1 of Pmx. See you all tomorrow!
–posted at 17:00:14

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