ALTIMA Concert Otakon 2014


Six hours ago, ALTIMA made a daring promise. The Japanese pop trio, responding to a question of whether they would ever cover a Run DMC song, boldly urged members of the press and public to attend their evening Otakon concert.

One hour ago, they delivered.


Full of power, grace, and confidence, ALTIMA put on a dynamic performance – flitting about the stage, posing with each other, and swapping keyboards for guitars. They stopped at nothing to please the audience – dancing, strutting, jumping, and thrilling Baltimore with rousing renditions of Run DMC’s ‘Walk This Way’ and Joan Jett’s ‘I Love Rock n Roll.’ The audience responded with adulation – jumping out of their seats, waving colored glow sticks, and even running in place as Motsu trotted out Japanese dances for them to attempt.


Everything was on the mark: the sound technicians, the lighting, the beat, and the cavorting performers. There was one time when a sound tech did not make an instantaneous adjustment, but it meant nothing next to the sheer energy and raw enthusiasm displayed by Motsu and Maon, set against the backdrop of digital pop provided by Sat.


There are times in live performances where the human element falters, rendering the result less than a recording, and there are times when humanity rises to all challenges and creates a work of true beauty and matchless wonder.  At the end of the concert, Maon cried out that she would remember it for the rest of her life. This was no exaggeration.

Set list:

  1. I’ll Believe (Shakugan no Shana ED)
  2. Fight 4 Real (Strike the Blood OP)
  3. Mission Dispatch
  4. ONE
  5. Backfire
  6. Walk This Way (cover)
  7. I Love Rock n Roll (cover)
  8. Here We Are
  9. Indefinitely
  12. (Encore) Burst The Gravity (Accel World OP)



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7 thoughts on “ALTIMA Concert Otakon 2014

  1. We are a press organization and we’re allowed to take photos. Our photographer, Shizuka, does a great job as you can see ☺

    1. I understand, however, usually Avex wants to vet the pictures before publishing, which is why I was amazed they allowed this 🙂

      1. We are trying to find out now. We weren’t given explicit instructions about it, and typically when management wants prior approval of pictures they say so. Thanks for the heads up–we always strive to be professional.

        UPDATE: I followed up with the team. Everything we did was within the press policy and we had double checked it with the rules for this specific concert, since concert rules can vary. We were only told no a/v and flash.

      2. No worries 🙂
        Usually, the artists them selves don’t mind.
        It’s just management. But i’m sure it will work out fine 🙂
        Altima is a great bunch of people, they were a gift to have on our stage too last year.

  2. OH. Did not know Run DMC covered Walk This Way. Fail coming from a Beastie Boys fan. Amazing photos as always ^_^

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