May’n: An Exclusive Interview

In our exclusive interview with May’n, we ask her about what anime she likes, what she feels about American fandom, and other musical questions! Find out what she thinks about Guilty Crown and more!

We’re proud to present an exclusive interview by email with Japanese pop-star May’n! It’s a short but sweet look into her current anime, the process of recording, and what kind of music she likes. Enjoy!

Anime Diet: What kind of impression did the American fans at AX 2010 make on you, and how do they compare to Japanese fans?

May’n: I was really glad that they expressed their emotions so directly, even during the songs. Live shows are always unpredictable, but I heard lots of “Woooow!!” and “Kyaaaa” when I sang in a different way from the CD. This doesn’t really happen in Japan, so I got excited!

Anime Diet: How do you think you have evolved musically since you began singing for “Macross Frontier”?

May’n: The number one thing that’s changed is my ability to use a high-tone voice. Yoko Kanno brought out more and more of the range that I thought was impossible for me.

Anime Diet: Is there any style of music that you’d like to try in the future?

May’n: I’m thinking a lot about the rock genre. I think it’s the genre where my style, my voice quality will have an advantage. I want to continue to sing rock, but I want to search for “May’n’s Rock” where I can include some R&B and soul, too.

Anime Diet: You have been involved in songs for many anime series. What anime are you watching now, and what are some of your favorites?

May’n: Recently I watched Guilty Crown. I loved its impressive imagery. And the music by Supercell was “saikou!” I became a big fan of Accel World, for which I sing the new OP starting in April. It has excitement and heartbreak, too. It’s going to be the most awesome anime for sure!!

Anime Diet: What kind of music are you listening to now?

May’n: I listen to many genres: Idol songs, R&B, Rock, etc. My recent favorites are Jason Derulo, David Guetta, and Livetune!

Anime Diet: Which non-Japanese musicians have inspired or influenced you?

May’n: I look up to Madonna and Janet Jackson. Their style is always perfect and their performances are really wonderful. I got to see Madonna’s Japan concert once. She was really a true entertainer.

Anime Diet: Was the new album, “HEAT,” composed with an international audience in mind? What aspects of the album do you think might appeal to a non-Japanese audience?

May’n: It’s filled with the heat I received from all of the fans in Japan & overseas at my previous lives. There’s lots of variety, like rock, dance, and ballads, too.  Please listen to it! I’m sure you’ll want to come to the live shows!! (*laughs)

Anime Diet: What were the most challenging and the most fulfilling moments during the making of “HEAT”?

May’n: The challenge was health management, because the schedule was tight. But I kept my throat strong so that I could sing every day. As a result, I was able to give my best during the whole recording process. I felt really good as I finished each track, so I’m really proud of the album. I think it’s my best one yet.

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    it’s cute to know she enjoys watching anime too, especially the ones she’s work in :3

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