Yuruyuri – getting it right like no one else’s business

Excuse me while I take my glasses off…

(fantasizing and nose bleeding and making a river of nose blood…)

Wow, OK. I almost died there! (Tissue, tissue…) But yes, watching such a upbeat show with awesome chemistry, not to mention having cute girls falling for each other will do that to ya. If you love yuri. It’s a great show for girls (lesbos) and boys (lesbos at heart???).

Yes, you can forget about the plot. Yes, you can throw common sense out of window. And oh yes, I wanna see Kyoko push Chinatsu-chan down and give her a wet, sloppy tongue kiss. But no, if you think this show is really like the fantasy I described, sorry but you’d better go find something else. That is actually not the reason why the show is fun.

It’s the chemistry, stupid. When four girls are having a great time (get your f’ing mind off that), chatting, walking around, doing stuff and just living their high school live without a care…well, you know, just hanging out and being natural, something charming happens. And you know, adding my favorite anime element, GL, into the mix, really makes the show go boom!

When in fact, most of the time it just goes breezing by. I mean, there are no major moments of passionate speeches, no strict catholic school manners and caste system, no serious pursuit of anyone, and for all intents and purposes, no real substance. However, it still succeeds in making me wanting to watch new episodes, and listen to the OP hundreds of thousands of times. When a show can do that, it’s doing something right.

I suck at this review thing, so this goes into the editorial category. TBH, there isn’t any solid and powerful substance like in unrelated shows like Claymore or Kara no Kyoukai (wow, the levels are totally different), so I can’t really put out a quality review article, either. But the bottomline?

This show works, folks. Unless you demand powerful substance (like on heavy days), great plots (and maybe twists) and black hole deep character developments, and hate yuri, you should give this one a try. After all, a light-hearted yuri show with neutron star heavy and solid stuff really isn’t worth watching, in my NEVER HUMBLE opinion.

Life is heavy. Go light!

BTW, a random find for pics turned up this site, which offers a great review for this show. I got my the screen cap from them: Seventh Style’s review on Yuru Yuri episode two

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