Yes we Otaku already know it’s true…NOT!

From Japan Today Online –

Why the Japanese Are a Superior People

Boyé Lafayette De Mente…covers the elements in Japan’s traditional culture that have made them remarkably successful in virtually all of their endeavors.

In addition to such topics as emotions vs. reason, the “fuzzy” [holistic] thinking of the Japanese vs the linear thinking of other people, the diligence factor in Japanese behavior, and quality vs profit, De Mente identifies a long list of views and practices that distinguish the Japanese from left-brain oriented people — and are important for foreigners to know about.

For foreign readers, one of the more interesting topics in the book may be what foreign women have to do to cope with their left-brain oriented male counterparts…

Ray’s Take: Uh…WHAT A DUMB ASS! I’ll bet this will be one of the sacred texts for the Japanese right wing imperialists for centuries to come. Just fucking brilliant.

3 thoughts on “Yes we Otaku already know it’s true…NOT!

  1. Haha wow.  I must get my hands on this book.  I can only sense over-generalizations and ridiculous ‘facts’ but there may be some truth in there.

    Thanks for the heads up.

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