and the Tsundere is HOT!

tsundere is hot

For some reason, when I saw this Google Trends search result while looking up “Tsundere Banana“, I think of Taiga Aisaka making 3 points shots from downtown and finishes her scoring streak with a gurrella slam dunk over Sakuraki Hanamichi or Shaq as either of them cringes at the red hot power of the flaming tsundere!

taiga taking ami to school
Not quite the pic I was looking for...

Taiga Aisaka is on fire!

As you can see in the screen cap on top, the hotness of tsundere is “On Fire”. One more meter to go for the Super Shadow Taiga Uppercut finishing combo, guys.

    By ~eltinidordediyablo

Let’s hope some dounjin game maker make a passion basketball fighting game with Taiga as the main character! Oh and


UPDATED Sunday, 19:53, Taipei, Taiwan Time: for some reason, now instead of the article about Tsundere Banana, this article in featured on the Google Trend Search Page!!!??? Man, I’m seriously surprised and even a little bit disturbed (see screen capture below).

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    1. @ Glo – ding ding ding ding! Extra egg nogs for you! I’m just waiting for a dounjin group to make the game with all the tsundere and their male interests in there!

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