White Day, Amagami Amazake

March 14th is White Day. F@ck this day. The day only lucky dudes who received chocolate from 3-D girls on Valentine’s Day are entitled to give back a gift. Other left-over guys, otakus like me, have nothing to do on that day, and some will be INVOLUNTARILY celebrating Black Day. So, these successful dudes need to get “white punishment” by Onani Master Kurosawa. But being onanist is too self-depreciating, and besides that, it’s too nasty. So, instead of white chocolate, we will have a white drink, first thought Calpis is good, but that sounds like “cow piss.” Almost smells like cheep American beer. So, we will have amazake.

A taste of sweet wine. Ahhh, it’s really sweet! The word Ama is “sweet” in Japanese. And Ama is also the third person present tense of amar (to love) in Spanish. Loves wine. Ama + sake = amazake. Yes, sweet wine. Or sweet rice wine. Since sake is made of rice. But, “sake” is generally referred to alcohol beverage. Sweet alcohol. Yes, and the word amagami is “sweet bite” in Japanese. Ama (sweet) + kami (bite) = Amagami. Amagami SS. Also in Spanish, “loves bite.” Love bite. How Spanish and Japanese are close! Yes! Rihoko bites an index finger of Tachibana! So animalish, as if a puppy or pussy bites my finger gently. Yes, gentle bite! That’s it. That’s the proper translation! Hahihuheho (frantic laughter by Baikin-man)!

So sweet bite. Love bite. Recent Twilight teen frenzy, hickey, necking. Yes, sweet hickey. That’s Amagami.

So, love and sweet are synonyms. Love = sweet/gentle. Biting is sweet. Sake is sweet. Life is sweet. In Italy, Federico Fellini produced the masterpiece “La Dolce Vita.” Yes, the sweet life! La Dulce Vida! Life is sweet. Life is love. Amor es dulce. Give me life! Give me love! To love is to live! Without love, without skinship, I’m dead! I’m a haijin (zombi) in 3-D. So, give me love! Make love to me. Love is divine. Romance is divinity. Thus romantic comedy is divine comedy. 人生は神ゲー!(Life is a divine game!) Love is divinity. Divinity is sweet. And that is the essense of amagami, by drinking Amazake!

And if we take a look at Madagascar, they got the Merina people. And their word of wisdom is called Hainteny, and one of them is “mamy ny aina (sweet/dear is life).” Yes, sweet is dear. What is “dear” then? In Spanish, it’s querido. And its original form is querer (to want). And “dear” is also cariño (=skinship). Its etymology is carere in Latin, which means “to lack.” So, it is a sense of lacking. That’s why you want it. You miss skinship, so you want skinship. Yes, a sense of lacking, missing, a nostalgic feeling, and that is saudade, the central concept of bossa nova. Life is saudade! Skinship is what I’m lacking in 3-D.

Oh yes, I want skinship, I’ve been wanting that for my whole life. Yes, amagami (love bite) is also a part of skinship. Though I’m not a fan of biting since it hurts. Biting flesh is a habit of inferior beasts like lions, tigers, dogs, and cats. Humans are too evolved to resort to necking. No wonder Rihoko seems to be the most retarded one among the Amagami heroines. So, kissing, pressing your lip against hers, or hers against mine, that is the skinship of humans. Ultimate skinship!

Ah, lips. Irresistible… Sexualized by lipstick, lip gloss, glittering lips, OMG! How much I want to kiss them… but it’s 3-D. The lips I am missing. Never been kissed in high school, especially when I was 17, detrimental to my school days.

So to me, 人生は糞ゲー!(Life is a shitty game!) 3-D is shitty. “Reality is such a bad game,” says Keima Katsuragi.

So, I’ll paint this day white with amazake!

And on Black Day, I’ll paint that day black with Jajangmyeon.

Paint it black! But for now, paint it white!

(article inspired by ManuOtaku’s brilliant input on All Girls Day)

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

2 thoughts on “White Day, Amagami Amazake

  1. Nice read as always, and woow, the way you did manage to expand the theme, and make it a great subject again amazing, and thank you, and believe me you will have your white day, i hope it comes sooner than later, for me it came a bit late, 20+ years, dont ask how much is the plus please 8D,but i dont regret it, just enjoy 2-d right now, because when you have 3-d, the 3-d part maybe will not let you keep in touch with your 2-d side of things (wife/girlfriend). 8D.

    1. @ManuOtaku

      Thank you for the compliment, as always. This is all to you. Yeah, I won’t ask you how much is the plus. I only care qualitative plus instead of quantitative plus, and qualitative plus is Love Plus. Romantic plus, divine plus. Haha, I’ll keep your word in my heart, that someday…over the rainbow…

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