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March 3rd is All Girls Day in Japan and March 8th is All Girls Day internationally. I drank amazake for All Girls Day (Hinamatsuri), March 3rd. Tres De Marzo. Amazake is a sweet rice wine, which people drink on special occasions like New Year and Hinamatsuri.

So, today I drink amazake for All Girls Day of the world. Yes, International Women’s Day. Yes, make it international. To all women. I’m determined to promote gender equality, so they would be as good as 2-D girls. Just like Christ is the model for Christians to strive to be.

So, All Girls, the world without men, that’s what I’ve wanted for a long time. A girl is worth a thousand dudes. Yes, one female friend is worth a thousand guy friends. How I wish I could be a girl. Maybe Valerie Solanas would’ve derided me for having “pussy envy.” But that may be true. I never felt connected to this world as a male. I felt disconnected, isolated, estranged, alienated from the 3-D world. Oh, three dimension… Is there a girls-only place?

In 3-D, there are always guys. I mean we can’t reproduce without sperms, so we can’t have girls without dudes. What a painful reality… Everywhere I go, there are dudes, there is no way I can avoid them in 3-D. During the day, I put up with them. So, what I dream at night is All Girls world, particularly All Girls school. That’s the only way I can get to the world I want, i.e., 2-D, in which the perfect genre would be Yuri! The divine art! And a Catholic girls school is the epitome of that!

So, here’s my All Girls anime top 3.

1. Marimite

2. Strawberry Panic

3. Simoun

Maria-sama ga miteru

Any anime above is simply divine! But since I am seventeen years old, I have a nostalgic feeling (saudade)  toward sailor uniform, and the only access to this nostalgia is through moe. Thus, Marimite is the one. And its purely agapeic platonic yuri has really got me spiritual. And its catholicality is definitely contributing to my moetical taste. Before this anime, I only had a bad impression about Catholicism, evident from Benedict XVI’s recent apology for altar boy abuse in America. However, after seeing Marimite, I’ve converted to 2-D Catholicism. And its excess use of French words, ah, every title of the episode is in French, which also got me wanna go visit France. Ah, I want to join their sorority and become a petite sœur to Sachiko-oneesama! And it was the cornerstone to conceptualize my wish to become a girl. Yes, an Otaku’s lamentation and regret that I’m not a girl!

Strawberry Panic

This is very upfront. Yes, eroticality is present in almost every scene. Moe + eroticality = moeroticality. Yet, it’s strangely natural to me. Girls love. Just beautiful… Yes, it’s carnal, but it’s different. I don’t feel sinful at all watching this anime. So, I think I’m a lesbian man, since I’m a meek (soshokukei), once thought to be a trait of womanhood. Oh yes, I like a girl with strong leadership. And catholicality is really great! In 3-D, I’m non-religious, but in 2-D, I’m a Catholic, yes lesbian Catholic. Yuri-Catholique!


This isn’t a school anime, so it’s inferior to Marimite and Strawberry Panic. But, the fact that the characters are all born female is what makes Simoun divine! Yes, all of them. None of them are born male! Ahh, I wish I was born girl. And they can choose their sex when they reach 17! Inoue Kikuko‘s divine age! Yet, there’s no catholicality, the best quality of school anime is lacking, but it’s gynocracy. Moreover, artisticality-wise, it’s amazing!

So, what’s your All Girls anime top 3?

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

15 thoughts on “All Girls Day

      1. (sputters) Hmmm.. some All Boys anime I can think of is Princess Princess, Gakuen Heaven or Sex Pistols.. Or all the other BL titles I can think about. Honestly never saw Princess Princess, and only a few episodes of Gakuen Heaven. I have some thoughts about Sex Pistols… but hmmmmm…………………….. maybe… ^_^ Still kinda think it would be neat about the Boys Holiday. Asked an acquaintance, and they mentioned May 5 is the Boys Festival.

      2. I’ve seen a little Princess x2. Funny. Haven’t seen the other. Yes, that’s right. Cinco De Mayo is the Boys Holiday in Japan. Maybe you can write an article about it on that day, exclusively dedicated to Yaoi. lol

  1. But if you have to ask my top 3 All Girl anime.. hmm kinda difficult.. (I seriously can think of people choosing Lucky Stars, or K-On as their top 3) (shudders slightly)

    Still my top 3 All Girl series…
    Project A-Ko
    Ouran High School Host Club’s Zuka Club
    ROD Female fighters..

    1. Oh yeah, K-On! Haven’t seen Project A-ko. I will definitely check that out! Yes, Read or Die. Yoriko Readman! My follow-up would be Aoi-hana (blue-flower). Meganekko!

  2. @animemiz: “May 5th was originally adopted as a festival for boys corresponding to the Doll Festival (3/3) for girls”?

    Aren’t really any all-girl anime that spring to mind immediately. XD

    1. @jenn

      No all girls anime you can think of? Well, well. lol

      btw May 5th is Cinco De Mayo.

  3. You know Amazake , playing with the words of course, in spanish will be like love zake (love=ama), or love for sake in that matter, so in the end is for people who loves sake.8P

    By the way mi picks will be:

    1.Bee train trilogy (noir, madlax, el cazador de la bruja), i love girls with guns, hence being number1
    2.Tweeny witches

    1. @ManuOtaku

      Thanks for the comment! Your language insight is brilliant! Yes, Ama sake. Loves sake! In turn, Amagami is “sweet bite.” Ama kami, loves bite. Tachibana’s finger is sweet-bitten by Rihoko, yeah! And they drink amazake too!

      Oh yeah. Noir was really good. I liked the Ali Project’s music. I think Phantom’s op was also by Ali Project, wasn’t it? Girls involved in shady business world, is that your taste?

  4. WHAO! There’s Ma-chan and Nana-chan and Houko in Simoun????? Not to mention Yamada (Takahashi Mikako) from Honey & Clover!!!!!! Why, nobody ever told me the cast!!!! If I had known, I’d watch this in a heartbeat! Do Ma-chan and Nana-chan play significant roles in the show???

    1. @Ray

      Yes, it got the gorgeous cast. Very interestingly, all the males also done by female seiyuus, which makes the show fascinating.

  5. @Monsieur LaMoeThanks for the nice comment, but my language insight is not brilliant, spanish is my first language, english i kind of so-so, and right now iam trying to study japanese on my own, with anime of course,8D…… i did just play with the words because you are pretty brilliant at it, so i try to be like you, but someday i will, 8D…

    1. Oh, no wonder you’re great at it… Yes, multilingual people have good language insight. Yeah, that’s the best way to learn Japanese! Hahaha, anime! That is more brilliant than any academic conventional stiff-headed language learning. How did I learn English? By imitating Terminator, didn’t realize he had an Austrian accent…. And he’s not our governor anymore… They elected some old bonehead geezer. btw, your English is really good!

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