What do you think is moe?

the goddess of Moe

(From the Fake series manga by Sanami Matoh.)

Hi all.

I was alerted by Mike that we actually have readers! I know I regularly come to the site to see how awful I bombed on any of the articles I did, but I didn’t know I could click “refresh” 7500+ times! Ha ha. But really, I do thank people for being interested…even if some of you were marketers and spammers. And you know what? I would really appreciate it if some of you folks leave some constructive comments as well as destructive ones. Because, I’m pretty sick and tired of seeing – “Penial enlargements! Click www.dickbebig.com”, or “Massive pron/hentai Pussy Galore! The best and most online! www.ecchiisgood.com”, or even “Losers be ware! Here’s one for you! fookmefookyousushi.com, guaranteed to change you from plain old Joe (not of tomorrow) to super powered up alpha male (not alpha super seiyan, mind you)!” So please, please, pretty please and leave some comments? Am losing my sharp edge?

Ah hem. Anyhow, a few entries back (my, how time flies like Gunbuster 1), I wrote about moe. I wonder if anyone read it at all. Though I’m not an expert, the fact that no one challenged me on the subject makes me Professor Moe for now. For those who dream about such things, no, I’m not a hot girl with J cup breasts long legs and tiny heads existing inside of an Yagami sensei’s artwook waiting to seduce the next buyer. But the magazine stand/bookstore is in Japan…Oh, and there are many websites that could satisfy any otaku and/or hikikomori out there. But back to moe.

So anyway, I was wondering what people thought about what’s moe? I know we get like 1 or 2 readers regularly to this website, but could anyone please leave a comment and either leave the name of a anime/character/manga they think is moe, or if you have some time to kill besides squatting next to the TV/PC screen, leave a longer comment. What? Lady audience? Uh…yeah, if there are any, sure, leave something!

I’m posting Hirano Aya’s picture again to get your attention, but this time I’m also posting a yaoi picture as well…it’s only fair to the imaginary women audience out there. Ha ha.
Link to Hirano Aya’s official web site – http://www.hiranoaya.com/index.html

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3 thoughts on “What do you think is moe?

  1. Hey there~

    Moe? Hmm.. I just can’t pull out that long description of moe by Akamatsu-sensei, can I? ^_^

    For me, Akamatsu-sensei’s idea is pretty much it. The feeling of wanting to protect something that is so innocent, fragile, and most of the time, cute. That’s my definition, I think. Chibi also helps. 😀

    (Keep on posting, and let the blog mature~)

  2. Moe is, for me, a combination of both cuter and more awesome that I’ll ever be by quite a lot. Being a cute big-eyed meganekun also helps. Mm, Souta.

  3. I’ve forgotten what Akamatsu-sensei said, but from what you paraphrased/quoted I feel that’s quite right. I do want to point out that the current moe trend doesn’t look anything like what Akamatsu-sensei did. I think Shinobu is the most moe character that I know that he drew.
    I think a recent good example is Manabi Straight.

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