Hot dog eating Contest – Kobayashi lost on July 4th, American wins on Independence Day.

Well, as the title says, the King of Hot dog eating, a Japanese invader…I mean a Japanese citizen, is defeated today by a brave and courageous American, Joey Chestnut, from San Jose, California. But I’m sure everyone already knows.


We can outeat Asians!!!

But, I’m sure no one can outeat Lina Inverse.

Author: Ray

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4 thoughts on “Hot dog eating Contest – Kobayashi lost on July 4th, American wins on Independence Day.

  1. Kobayashi lost? Damn…

    But hey, California represent! =D

  2. random passerby – apparently, Kobayashi’s jaw was very sore and painful after a certain activity… No, we don’t want to go that direction. But seriously, supposedly he was practicing too much in preparation for the eating contest that he has a condition in his jaw.

  3. Yea it’s been in the local papers here that he had a jaw problem. I actually was at Coney Island yesterday but I wanted to sleep so I came shortly after the contest ended…although the lines for Nathan’s Hot Dog stand were humongous (needless to say I didn’t bother standing and when it began to rain we went back to Bay Ridge)

  4. Hinano – are the hot dogs there any good? I’ve never been there before.

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