Servant x Service, Imouto, ED song.


Ah, girls are really cute in Servant x Service. I want this anime to last longer. Only 13 episodes? That’s too short. I love the comedy, and I love all the female characters in it. And with a good choice of seiyuu. Actually, the best anime I’m enjoying from this season. I can’t believe this is written by the same author for that extremely boring bad taste Wagnaria.

Touko in sleep, looks like Mino-mushi (bagworm), kawaii.

Ichimiya’s imouto is still angry while she’s asleep. She dearly loves her onii-chan, but she never calls him “onii-chan (big brother)” but instead calls him “aniki (big bro).” Cute~.

Imouto Day was last Friday, Sep 6th. As you know, imouto’s etymology is imo, means “intimate girl.” But most of the time, otaku can hardly make any female friends. That’s why imouto is so appealing to otaku, because imouto is an intimate girl by default. You don’t need to work your ass off to get female friends. People who have imouto don’t understand that, they don’t understand what we sisterless otaku have been going through, because they take imouto for granted.

Ahh, how I wish I had imouto. Even if you are the ugliest brother in the world, just the existence of imouto will save you. Just like Tora-san has Sakura-chan. Yes, for us, imouto is something unattainable in reality, especially for those who don’t have any female siblings like me. Yes, love-shy men tend to have no female sibling at all. So, growing up having intimate girls in the same age group is very crucial to form intimate relationships with girls in adulthood. I didn’t have any sisters, so no wonder I’ve become kimo-ota. So, if nature vs nurture, this is totally a nurture argument. That is why imouto moe fills our void. We never surrender to the void!

That’s why I dearly love Oreimo‘s ClariS songs, well, some may criticize them as incest songs, but this is 2D. Rin‘s imouto Gou, OMG, Gou is Goddess! So cute! I want to have that kind of imouto. I so envy Rin. I want to marry Gou, but what if she rejects my proposal? Then, I’ll propose to Rin, so Gou can be my imouto-in-law! After struck down DOMA, now we are free to marry same sex. So, Gou will be my imouto-in-law!


By the way, this time the ED of Servant x Service was sung by Toyosaki Ai, yes Uiharu of Railgun, also the most famous Yui from K-On!. Just kawaii this lyrics, Shuwashuwarin~♫ The chord is OMG. The chord progression is just awesome. And some random guy arranges it into acoustic guitar and posted it on youtube, and gosh, this is so genius. Yes, almost Here Comes The Sun, a masterpiece by a Beatle, George Harrison. The first intro part reminds me of John’s Lennon’s (Just Like) Starting Over. And the clapping is comping samba-reggae clave! So, Brazilian! And oh, the bridge part is so awesome, that half step descending, Abm(b5), GM7, F#m7, Fbdim, Em7, A, D, D7. And then, “Otsukare-san~♪” Oh yes, sounds very George Harrison. Half descending is George Harrison’s No. 18. And also the last part is half step descending, Abm(b5), Gm7, F#m7, Fbdim, Em7, EbM7, D. Just beautiful, with that Kayano Ai‘s voice, oh my gosh, sooooo ahhh, just beautiful and cute. How can they write an awesome song like this? Purely genius. I wish I was born genius…

I just love this song. Cutistically cute, always listening to it in my car. Shuwashuwarin~♫

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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