Musou Orochi – the coombination of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors.

Again, I don’t know if this is news to anyone, but Koei is going to release a game that combines Dynasty Warrior characters and Samurai Warrior characters, in the same game (oh rejoice, rejoice for the world of supreme hacking and slashing has come forth to cure us of our stressful world)!

There will be a final boss named Orochi – appearantly he has something to do with snakes or his name means a huge snake in Japanese, but what that entails (ha ha) I don’t know. But as a fan of the series (come on, they’re not really two series), I can’t wait to get the Taiwanese release when it comes out! 70 characters with tag team play – you can select 3 characters for each stage and if the character you’re playing is dying you can tag another one in! Oh dear joy!

New moves, new musous, new stories, and for fans who know something about the background of either or better, both series, this will be a treat!

Oh, and for you lucky P3 owners (boy, you must make big bucks), this isn’t even news any more but KOEI’s releasing Gundam Musou with space battles included! For the Amuro Ray or Char Aznoble in all (OK, SOME) of us! What? For the Camille in you? Oh…

Orochi official web site

For more pictures see extended entry – All pictures belong to KOEI of course.

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1 thought on “Musou Orochi – the coombination of Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors.

  1. Yep. Musou Orochi might be awesome. It features 3-hero groups from either the Sengoku Period or Three Kingdom period. One Strength-based hero (preferrably powerhouses like Keiji Maeda or the ph3arsome Lu Bu), one Speed-based hero (Gan Ning or Hattori Hanzo) and lastly, one Technique-based hero (Mitsunari or wise sage Zhuge Liang, perhaps?)… but no idea on what will affect the matchups on a Story mode. Most screenshots have Sun Ce filling in the protagonist’s shoes but… it’s still too early to guess.

    And the screenshot with Cao Cao and Nobunaga made me think “separated at birth”?

    P.S. Seeing Millardo/Zechs doing the Touhou Fuhai pose with Domon and the Quebley pilot was a lol moment.

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