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Welcome back to Round the Sphere! Now that everyone is hungover on AX and SDCC, let’s get drunk on more fandom goodness!

Go here now. Just do it. You will thank me later. They even take requests!

Ever wanted to proclaim your undying love of CLAMP to the universe? Here’s your chance! Manga Bookshelf’s upcoming Manga Moveable Feast revolves around all things CLAMP. From July 23rd to July 29th, everyone is invited to write about anything.

And if one week is not enough, one of my favorite bloggers has a full schedule all planned out!

Calling all manga lovers. Tezuka is trying to kickstart Unico and Atomcat into English specifically for kids. Less than 24 hours left to go!

What do these sentences have in common? Everyone will live on inside someone else’s heart, entrusting their wishes and dreams to those they leave behind. It takes an idiot to do something cool, that’s why it’s cool. This summer was filled with more happiness than some people have in an entire lifetime.

Unfortunately, Round the Sphere will take another hiatus next week due to Otakon. Lest we end on a sour note, have some more… manga here.

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  1. Lady comics, oh my……this is really…man. I didn’t expect this much of stimulant. wow.

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