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At the Otakon Matsuri, I happily registered for the Japan Information and Culture Center listserv for opportunities to film screenings. I got an email about the film Eclair last week but by the time I got to it two hours later, all the seats were filled! Buuuut, they’re doing a second screening next week on Wednesday the 22nd. I didn’t make the mistake of waiting to sign up this time ^_^ Needless to say, it’s full again but they do take standbys in case people drop out. In short, if you’re in the area, you have a chance!

Speaking of Otakon, Hsu-Nami has started a vlog of their 2011 Taiwan tour. New episode every Thursday.

Manga? Nexus 7? Free?! Coming October~

What does Pikachu and YSL have in common?

There’s more news via Organization Anti-Social Geniuses.

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