Round the Sphere


This is going to be a sphere filled with many 3/11 remembrance memorial posts… but Happy St. Patty’s Day for today as well.

Tsunami affected Japanese towns are still left barren after two years.

Ongoing artist charity collaboration projects for Tohoku quake.

WW2 air raid survivor has awareness talks to tsunami orphans.

Turning a tree that survived the tsunami into art.

How would Mei-chan from My Neighbor Totoro would look in Pixar rendition?

Historical MMF calls for contributions….

Randomly a xxxHolic live action look.

I don’t really spend as much time looking at Mangatherapy’s site as I would love to, but he does write great articles. Here he writes an ode to Woman Day, which happened a couple of weeks ago.

This is definitely not the  first site I heard from that went under… but (sighs).. Daily Dot has a good write up on this issue as well.

Lauren at her blog is seriously a blogger, anime fans should be aware of.


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