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Okay, officially this week, Paper is away at AnimeUSA, so I am stepping in to assemble  Round the Sphere the week. (Often I have the task of “spamming” Paper’s email box with links, though this week he “spammed” mine.)

Sad to say that The Manga Critic, this past week announced over at her blog that she is stepping away from her blog. It is my belief that she would be continuing as a columnist, starting from January over at MangaBookshelf.  As a manga blogger, her comments and insights would be missed, but much luck to her on future dealings with the real world!

In my years as a fan, to appreciate and be aware of relationships in all kinds.. is equally to having an open liberal mind. This is a good explanation what Yuri and Yaoi is.

Want to fold a Shuriken Star Origami Box? Try it here!

Wow, there’s work safe images in this post, but the topic is definitely adult.

This is always going to be a touchy ongoing subject.

There goes Pepsi Japan again, now would you want to try this flavor? Sounds like a 0 calorie version. Man, would this maybe sell in the U.S. though in NY.. there’s going to be an ongoing soda ban on sizes larger than 16oz next year.

How many people would want to try this out at Akiba? This sounds quite like the premises of this drama I saw a while ago.

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