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First I have to say my apologies to the Paper for going AWOL with this column for about two weeks. Here is Round the Sphere for this week.

Remember Cool Japan? Seems like the Japanese government still has it going on.

Wow.. a Japanese restaurant using robots instead of dancers.

Inspired by the previous hyperlink, (Paper’s contribution), it reminded me of a non-anime-relevant, but a dance craze that swept Japan as I grew up during the 1990’s. Appears that this was Japan’s own Studio 54-esque. Juliana’s Tokyo.

This is a video of Japan’s current Prime Minister: Shinzo Abe. He talks about “Abenomics” and Japan’s foreign policy.

This is a link to a series of presentations that occurred in Washington DC last week regarding about events from the  U.S. Japan Research Institution.

Personally, I am not watching the AKB48 anime, but I am sure there are viewers out there. I liked reading this comparison over at Oguire Manix’s site.

Oh man.. a fighting words over on Twitter… recounted here.

Okazu is moving… so update your links here for the latest on Yuri news!

Eating natto is quite subjective like eating durians.. here’s a food eating contest.

Four things to be shocked by as a visitor to Japan.

Here’s an interview with Tokypop’s Stu Levy conducted by Brigid Alverson.


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  1. Juliana tokyo is really back in the bubble era, the only thing I know is these girls hairstyle sucked as hell.

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