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Petition for Ouran Host Club Season 2

Looks like this petition will work for people who care.

Casually looking at other petitions other than Claymore Petition, I found one started by Mizuki Kana (ミヅキ カナ) for starting a petition for a second season for Ouran Host Club. Because the petition was started by a Japanese person in Japan, I feel it may be more effective for anyone who wants to see a second season. Just pointing out the right place to do it.

The goal is 10,000 votes by 02/22/2010 and there are 10,624 signatures as of Friday 22:03 Feb.  05, 2010, Taipei Time.

NOTE: Mizuki Kana, the starter of the petition, thanks you all and says will submit the 10,000 signatures first and continue to update the publisher about new ones (correct me if I am wrong).

Steps below:

1. Enter your name.

2. Click sign.

3. Enter your information.

– Name (must)

– email (must)

– Male, Female (must)

– Location (must, I selected the last one “overseas”)

– Comment (must. I guess it means more to the creators)

4. Click “confirm”

5. On the next page, enter whatever number that displays and click confirm.

6. You’ll get an email with the title

【署名TV】 本人確認メール

7. Click the long link 3 places down from the line.

8. You’re done! There will be another mail confirming it.

punkwai stated on Youtube that a second sesaon is coming, but –

It has reached the goal and yet the signatures are still coming! Amazing…

The Petition of Claymore season 2

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