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Update: Madhouse doesn’t seem to give a damn and caved in for Marvel’s (MY GOD, Marvel?) junk hollywood property, Iron Man! Blasphermous! Let’s email bomb Madhouse at ! Show them that we, the fans around the world, actually matters!

Dear Claymore Supportors:

I guess I’m beating a dead horse. After all, we never got any replies or news about a second season. What was particularly sad was that “KURORO” never updated with any replies, even though he initiated the petition. Unlike the Ouran Host Club petition‘s initator, who promised to send the petition to the studio and to update people on the progress, Kuroro was probably just another lazy-ass motherfucker. In any event, I thought I’d put up the screen caps of signatures of people who did give a damn. At least we tried. Thanks to everyone who participated in the phenomenon.

Click individual pics to see the names after the cutaway. Sorry if your name isn’t on the scrapbook WARNING: The files are large and may take a while to load. Trolls will be blacklisted.

Author: Ray

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10 thoughts on “Claymore Petition Comments Memorial

  1. So it seems…. I can’t believe that even through we succeeded on getting MORE than enough votes we still didn’t get anywhere… I just… Can’t believe it… Sure it might just be hard to keep up an anime and all, but just… URGH I have voted for the second season of Claymore, and deep inside I simply BEGGED for it to come, but well… All our efforts were for nothing I guess.. WAIT not OUR… YOUR, you’ve set this up with a few others right? We should all thank you for trying to get this to happen, and of course we should thank everyone for voting and all, but. Well yea.. If this never was set-up they would NEVER have seen that people DID love the heck out of Claymore… When I first saw Claymore a pretty long time ago I was all like; “Oooh blooddyy x3” I kinda love that so. >.> And simply after watching the first few epi’s I just WANTED to continue and watch every single episode, and when it came to an end I was like; “Aww man… WHY did it have to end?…” I mean.. The ending was WIDE open for something close to a next season… Urgh I guess typing this all up won’t mean anything at all, but I just want to show, like all these others you’ve posted. that I DO care… Simply because… Claymore WAS something different, and I wouldn’t get tired of it watching it over and over… Just…

    Semper fi Claymore… Semper fi.

    1. It was all of us; everyone who signed the petition, sent emails to Madhouse, posted, spread the word, even prayed to whatever he or she believe; everyone contributed. AT the end of the day, we don’t really know for sure that it’ll never happen. But for now, it sure looks like we won’t be getting a second season.

      You have my heartfelt gratitute for you cared.

  2. I do kind of agree with you, it was all of us, but as I said before, if this hadn’t been set up, then. There probably would’ve have been anything… But I really DO find it weak that even after all the efforts made, there still doesn’t seem to be any notice of the makers.. At least, that’s what I’ve seen from you so far, unless I can’t read… Like always.. Dx Well, yea… English may not be my best thing simply because it isn’t my primary language, but that isn’t the point right now, is it? At least I know you DO understand me, and probably EVERYONE on what we’re trying to get at, after all, somewhat YOU started it, right? If it came to a second season of Claymore I wouldn’t even really care about what they did as long as it was the same thing, I mean.. How they made the first(and maybe last) season was just.. Epic… It was something DIFFERENT something I had longed for. Sure I have watched Naruto and Bleach and even One Piece, but yet. I do love Claymore the most simply because… It DOES make sense in my kind of thinking, and these fighting scene’s.. They just MADE me continue to watch or else.. Gah I don’t know… I don’t know how they have done it but they just made it like… Well.. Lets just say that it was something that forced you to continue watching but at the same time you wouldn’t even WANT to stop watching it simply because… It was different… I loved, and seriously I mean, I LOVED the series… I can remember I watched the whole series three times in a row and yet… It still was epic… I bet that it wouldn’t be the same with most of the anime’s. Again I’m typing up all this, but you know.. I don’t mind… I just love to type this up here so people can actually SEE that I do care… I just hope we’ll ever get ANY notice from the creators I mean.. They can at least send something back, right?

  3. whel i dont know much about making petitions but cant someone else send a link of the site where you guys voted to madhouse?

  4. i seen a quot from the director that he was trying for a season 2…. so i am so happy

  5. What if another petition was started this year? Maybe that would show them that even in 2011 people still want more seasons of Claymore!

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