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Bones is the best studio of all time.

Yeah, that is some big hyperbole, but I do think Bones is a great studio. I recently purchased Eureka Seven and remembered why it was my favorite show. It starts off as a vanilla anime with surfing robots but turns serious in a heartbeat. Most shows do not actually talk about the fact that they are killing people, so when they do broach the subject the main character freaks the hell out.


The animation from this studio is identifiable and I do like a lot. Comparing Xam’d, Mars Daybreak, and Eureka Seven, you see that the design is very similar. They produce animation that is easy on the eyes and adapts well to both badass fighting and really cutesy stuff. I have started to look forward to Bones’ work just to enjoy the artwork.


There is no other studio that I care about in this way. I am much more likely to buy something produced by Bones than anyone else. Now they do not make gold all the time–Mars Daybreak is pretty weak overall. But it was not something I regret buying on sale. I think this is the power of a great story teller, that when they make a story they create fans that sit up and listen. They instill in others the desire to know and hear what happens next. Oftentimes shows like 24 only capture this with cliff hangers, while Bones can do it with a well crafted story. I also think Bones makes less filler then other shows. That is probably a biased statement, but I am ok with that.

What studios have made a big impact on you? Is it art that captures your attention? The storytelling that keeps pace with your interests? Is it the ability to tell a story with just the right touch?

PS You should watch Eureka Seven all the way through.

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  1. Rahxephon, Eureka SeveN, then Xam’d. Those are three pretty good shows I’ve seen from them. E7 has quickly realigned my favorites list as well as my appreciation ideology. I’ve written 5 pieces on the show out of my last 15 over the span of a month. I recommend this show indeed.

  2. I have to give KyoAni the most props. Not necessarily because I love all their shows. In fact, it’s pretty much a mixed bag (love the slice of life comedies, hate the Key harem/romances). But they have a special place in my heart, because Haruhi was the show that got me completely hooked into anime. There was something special about the story, and particularly the characters that really connected with me.

  3. I tend to think that KyoAni has no soul;  though to be fair their stuff is very spirited and energetic.  This is probably why they are more suited to adapting works very well then they are likely to produce a good original series.  Bones is fairly consistent but its just that:  fairly consistent and not much else.  I actually really like their work and they get points for being able to create great original series but they lack a certain punch and gutsiness some other studios have.  At times it feels that there are untied ends or that some ideas just never manage to reach the finish line or properly connect with the audience.  I still enjoy Eureka Seven (god that series is drenched with hidden hipster coolness its ridiculous if not almost pretentious…in a sort of good way haha)

    My favorites goes to Madhouse and Studio 4C.  Their both great in the sense that their love for animation itself shows through and their versatility is staggering.  Although to be honest as an animator I’m more attracted towards Studio 4C’s willingness to try new things and even more so because of their unique stance of indie and mainstream meldings.

  4. I’m a huge Bones fan too. Why, because they weave magic on their original characters. While Mars Daybreak wasn’t an A+ show, it had unique underwater mecha action, and I loved the cast, especially Enora Taft <3

  5. I find Bones manage consistency, which makes it a safe bet when you’re buying DVDs or planning to download a series. Other studios may excel in certain areas but Bones productions are usually solid across the board, from artwork and music to storytelling and characterisation.

    Maybe it’s just coincidence that so many of my favourite shows have been produced by them, but having the likes of Tensai Okamura and Dai Sato under the same roof invariably helps!

  6. Bones series are frequently an after-thought for me, if I ever get to them at all (though when I do finally get around to them, I tend to enjoy them quite a lot).

    I’m not sure that I’m that faithful to any studio (Production IG, perhaps — from Ghost in the Shell to Windy Tales — and Studio 4C, though they’ve produced too few TV series, I’ll search far and wide for their other offerings), though particular directors catch and hold my attention.

  7. “But they also did Soul Eater =/”

    haha, BURN! =D Soul Eater was pretty good but I think the end just ruined it. Still a fun ride though.

    I’m also pretty excited for their next work Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

  8. I must admit that I have only watched one Bones series (DtB), and I didn’t find it that good.  I must be insane.

    On the topic of favorite studio, though, I’m going with SHAFT.  Many of the works that SHAFT produces are artistically and musically incredible, if not perfect.  SZS gave me laughs, and ef gave me tears, and I would recommend just about everything by SHAFT that I’ve watched (with the exception of Natsu no Arashi, because retro art doesn’t appeal to me).

  9. My favourite studios are SHAFT and bones, with KyoAni being notable to me.

    SHAFT has a wonderful style of execution in their shows, and they’re just so interesting and quirky that I love how they animate. The way they colour things, reference staff members, and just take the show to other levels is amazing.
    Bones, I am a newbie to them, but from what I see, they’re amazing. I started watching the new FMA, almost done Xam’d (now one of my fav shows) and am hitting E7 next. Their animation quality is brilliant and they know how to make a show well.
    Kyoto Animation just knows how to market and they know who to target. Their animation is fitting to their genres and their sound quality is always great. The colouring is vibrant and the execution is fairly well done. Even though their shows scream capitalist wasteland, they execute it well enough for me to not hate it.

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