Noli Me Tangere! by Koneko-chan

Don't touch me!

Koneko-chan, ahh, I dearly miss her! Too bad Highschool DxD ended. One cours was too short!

Which girl is cuter? Asia or Koneko? Asia is a Christian sister, formerly a nun, but resurrected as a demon. Koneko is a demon, originally Nekomata, a feline yokai turned into a loli. Both of them are moetically cute, but I love a loli-akuma more! Yes, she’s a kuudere (cool dere), like tsundere, yandere. She’s cool, quiet, calm, reserved, but sharp.

Yeah, one time Issei tries to give a pat on Koneko’s back, but Koneko backs off, and says, “触れないで下さい。(Furenaide-kudasai. Don’t touch me.)” Yes, in Latin, Noli Me Tangere. In Spanish, ¡No me toques! Yes, “Don’t touch me. Don’t approach me. Don’t hold on to me. Don’t cling to me.” In short, “Don’t you get near me, you pervert!

Yes, girls act like they’re untouchable, what’s worse, sacred and inviolable as if they are Christs, or if not Christ, then some kind of divine being closer to God. So, I can never have skinship with girls like Mary Magdalene couldn’t with Jesus. Saudade… Now I understand how Mary Magdalene felt. So I sing Magalenha (“Magdalene” in Brazilian) for rejected souls! Don’t they know a pervert is actually a gentleman?

In turn, 2D girls are already unskinshipable from the beginning. So, for sure 2D girls are goddesses! So yes, Koneko-chan is kami! Koneko-chan is truly divine!

I really liked her tsukkomi role in this anime. She’s a good tsukkomi to Issei’s boke. And yes, she does a tsukkomi to Issei with a lobster instead of a harisen! LOL. That comedy was really good. Warai no tsubo (taste in humor) totally hit the spot of mine.

But, DxD didn’t feature Koneko in the final episode since Koneko was already defeated in the 10th episode. I was so sad. It got serious and boring too. I wish DxD stayed comical until the end. Otherwise, it would have been the best comedy anime of this season.

Koneko-chan, peropero (lick)!

Perori (lick)!

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4 thoughts on “Noli Me Tangere! by Koneko-chan

  1. What do you mean? She was at the engagement party. I guess the episode didn’t feature her, but the entire show didn’t feature her either. She’s a side character. 😛

    Now, I’m all for the delicious amount of T&A though! XD

    1. @Ray

      You know it too well that how much I was in moe with her! Without her, the whole existence of DxD comes into question! XD

      Yeah, T&A, these excessive or rather meaningless undressing juxtaposition makes it so funny! Is a formerly all girls school always like that? I felt bad when Asia became a guinea pig for his new technique though, ripping off her cloths. Now I want to have Boosted Gear!

      1. If all Christian girls are like that we’d ALL be Christians!!! XD Better than stuck up self-righteous types any day!!!

      2. @Ray

        Yeah, no doubt about that! Best divine grace! But Koneko-chan will say to us, “You guys are jerks.” Hitting our heads with a lobster. XD

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