Smoking Anime Female Aces

First, I would like to thank noooneofconsequnece for correcting me that Ikkitousan: Dragon Destiny isn’t an OVA. Second, I think to come up with a list of characters that one would like to be with in real life may be too much work. So, for anyone who still wants to post comments on that (see about 2 posts below), go right ahead. I’ve posted some pictures to get people started. But here’s another interesting thought.

Well, we have Noir, Madlax, Black Lagoon, and whatever other female Assassins in different shows (I guess Ninja shows included – why not? It’s an anime blog not real life blog~!), who will win? Who’s the most lethal woman of them all? I’ll even offer battle ground suggestions: the streets of Paris, the jungles of SE Asia, the streets of Roanpur, the Colosseum ruins of Rome, a typical Japanese High school in Tokyo, and the deserts in “the Third”.

No AI tanks and battle suits, no invulnerability, no immortality, just plain good ol’ skills that each of these women possesses and that we have seen.

And here are the contenders:

Mireille from “Noir”

Kirika from “Noir”

Chloe from “Noir”

Madlax from “Madlax”

Revy from “Black Lagoon”

Roberta from “Black Lagoon”

Honoka from “The Third”

Rally Vincent from “Gun Smith Cats”

3 thoughts on “Smoking Anime Female Aces

  1. Madlax is a little bit questionable because she does possess a good deal of invulnerability and immortality in the series… and comes off as an aimbot.

    Honoka seems like an outlier mostly because she’s from a science fiction series and has a few abilities you don’t see in the other series mentioned, but that’s a matter personal taste.

    Nice choice with Rally. A lot of people would overlook her nowadays.

    List could be improved if Balalaika replaces Madlax, and Honoka is replaced with someone possibly like Triela from Gunslinger Girl.

  2. Ooh, how could I forget Gunslinger Girl? Balalaika don’t fight on her own during the series, so we don’t know how her skills are.
    It’s interesting that no one’s choosing anyone from Noir.
    Honoka’s sword skills are unparalleled among this group for sure. And she’s got chi…hmm…

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