Highschool DxD, Musou-Insatsu on Koneko-chan

Koneko-chan gets Musou-Insatsu (無想淫殺).

Musou-Insatsu (無想陰殺) was first used by Raoh against Toki. One of the most memorable battles from Fist of The North Star. You can watch it on episode 71.

Musou (or Munen-Musou 無念無想) is without mind. Non-mind, without thinking. Originally meant without kleshas, dirty thoughts. Yes, the state of “Lay down all thoughts, surrender to the void,” by John Lennon. Highly concentrated mind, like when you play video game, you’re not thinking but purely reacting. Muga-muchuu (無我夢中). Bruce Lee’s, “Don’t think, feel!”

This technique should be named 無想淫殺 (non-mind licentious kill), as a heterograph of 無想陰殺 (non-mind shadow kill), the same pronunciation but different kanji. Yes, “Ying” of Ying-yang (陰陽). Both techniques rip off opponent’s cloths. For Highschool DxD, it’s more flashy, and we otakus are helplessly ecstatic to see this technique, especially used on Koneko-chan! More pero-pero (onomatopoeia of licking, despite taste of LCD)! Koneko-chan is even cuter than Inori from Guilty Crown. It’s painful to live, for Koneko-chan is too kawaii… (小猫ちゃんが可愛いすぎて生きるのが辛い……)

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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