Viva Moe Day!

萌えの日。Moe Day. October 10th, 2010.

So, why is October 10th Moe Day? Because in kanji, Oct 10th is 十月十日, and 十月 + 十日 = 萌. 十 is “ten,” 月 is “moon,” and 日 is “day.” So, tenth month, tenth day, and put these kanjis together, it becomes Moe. And of course, this year is 2010, so, it is 10/10/10. Triple 10! Triple X! Tres equis! Therefore, Moe Day 2010 is more significant than the Mexican bicentenary, even more significant than July 4th.

There is Moe Temple (Ryohoji) sculpting the Moe Buddhist statues, and Moe Japan Co., Ltd. is planning to create a moe village. Where is Moe USA? We should start one!

Moe Japan CEO Ms. Fukushima talks about the Moe Village Project.

How can I pay homage to moe? Without moe, I wouldn’t have been here today. I would’ve long gone from the reality. Because of moe, I was able to live until today.

You know, socioeconomic status is harsh. Wealth, fame, power or status, these are still all far away, but if I earn at least livable wages, I can still manage to make ends meet. But what makes the most painful about lacking these is the reality that you never get to date any single girl. Without money and a steady job, there’s no way I can treat a girl to a classy dinner at some fancy restaurant, Disneyland or Six Flags tickets for two of us. Unless girls truly come to embrace feminism and take the initiative…

In the 3-D world, a capitalist world of market fundamentalism, money is everything. In today’s economic hardship, youth’s unemployment rate is staggering +20%. National average is +9%, so it’s more than twice! How tough being young… Well, the only thing I got is youth, but a young body without money! Kennedy was both young and rich, owned a yacht with a cozy bar inside. Who would refuse his sexual advance?

You know, I used to think politics was only for the stupid mass. I didn’t get why people are still voting despite the fact that politicians are all phony. Even someone who seemed to be sincere during the campaign turns out to be a bastard once they take the office. They pander to people’s anger like Tea Party, so I bet the result would be the same. Just like the hope we were offered two years ago didn’t do much.

But, these bandwagon drummers, their words sneak into your mind when you get really weak. I listened to Malcolm X’s speech before, “The government is responsible for the rats that bite our little children and the cockroaches that eat better than we do.” And I was laughing, “What a cheesy rhetoric!” But, after the housing burst, my paychecks had dwindled. So, I was saving by stacking up cup-ramen in the closet. Yet, after a while, when I opened the closet again, all cup-ramen were eaten by rats. I felt really miserable at this horrific scene, as though Warsaw after the Nazi blitz…

I was angry and sad at the same time. “The rats…roaches that eat better than we do.” These words suddenly appeared to be real. Once laughable, his speech wasn’t laughable anymore but I felt it spoke the truth. I don’t know, I wanted to cling to something desperately. Before I knew it, I was listening to Public Enemy on YouTube. So I think when people become hungry, that’s the time they get really vulnerable to propaganda.

In fact, I was always suffering from hunger. And I was particularly hungry for romance. Yes, lack of skinship, such miserable school years in Japan, which made me move to overseas, but facing the reality of market fundamentalism in the United States. The anger that went nowhere, even the historical election of 2008 didn’t save me. But I was also too hetare to take my own life. I couldn’t die awesomely like Yukio Mishima. I was soshoku-kei after all. So the only path left for me would’ve been implosion if I didn’t have moe.

Nakata-hyan, Moe Kyun❤

Ah, girls, why are they so cute? I can’t look at them directly, especially when they have that aceptando-todos-smile, the embodiment of kindness. It’s extremely hard to look into their beautiful eyes and keep talking and pretending nothing is going on in my heart. But also, they are the source of my suffering. Failure to attain a mutual feeling with a girl is the most painful thing on earth. How many times my heart has been devastated…

That’s why I cling to Anime, 2-D, and moe~!  True revolution! Yes, moetical girls. My salvation!

Viva Moe!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe