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Otaku in the mirror Part 3, Misogyny

What an Otaku believes

So, what’s wrong with 3-D girls? Well, they don’t ask out a guy with the same social class. They are always looking for more powerful man, a man with higher status. Just like a monkey world; females want to copulate with the alpha male. And too bad, this applies to a yokai-girl also. I was watching Otome Yokai Zakuro, and Zakuro, a cute foxy girl, swooned over Lt. Hanadate. He is the boss of her project partner, Kei Agemaki. In turn Kei never becomes her romantic object. It’s like Dana Scully never sees Fox Mulder as her potential boyfriend. Zakuro acts exactly like an ordinary 3-D girl even though she is a 2-D girl. Too bad! What’s the purpose of 2-D then! Making me sigh, “Another 3-D girl again.”

Lt. Hanadate on horse makes an appearance. Should I learn horse riding?

Why are girls like that? Why do they get swooned easily by the rich, powerful dudes? It’s absurd. Do I like a girl with higher status? Sure I do, but I really don’t care if she’s rich or poor. Why does that matter? I get swooned easily regardless of her social status!

Oh boy, girls in our league take too long to enter a relationship. They spend at least three months to judge if a guy she’s dating is her Mr. Right. Dating prior to relationship is like three months trial period before employment. It’s simply too long. Before all that jazz, I would have nervous breakdown. Emotional cost is too high. I’m sensing that Zakuro’s case would be more than three months to actually get together with Kei.

Why wait? The world might end tomorrow. Haven’t they heard of 2012? Don’t they feel a sense of urgency? Why do they want to postpone? Why don’t they make the first move? Why not in a hurry? Why passive? I never get it! Don’t they realize the world is impermanent by reading Herman Hesse’s Siddhartha? A flower generation’s bible!

Feeling urgent!

However, when they see a rich powerful dude, they suddenly feel urgent. That’s the only time when they get aggressively quick like ladies from the Bachelor series. When Prince Harry was visiting the Ground Zero in NYC, surprisingly there were a herd of young women swarming over. I don’t think these girls came all the way from the country to New York to mourn the 9/11 victims, but just to see the Prince. That’s more than “making the first move”! And one girl was interviewed by an ABC reporter, something like, “What will you do with your current boyfriend if His Highness asks you to marry him today?” She answered without any hesitation, “Oh, I will dump him right away, lol.” That was really scary. Indeed the scariest statement I’ve ever heard in my life. Isn’t royalty/aristocracy contrary to our democracy? We need another revolution! It’s nothing different from a monkey mountain like Saruyama! The alpha male gets all women. Winner-takes-all. But aren’t we supposed to have evolved from the apes?

Ah, Zakuro, why do you act like a typical 3-D girl?
This is rif@ckingdiculously BS.
Swooned by an ikemen with high status...sigh.

I don’t know what to believe. Only a fool still believes in 3-D girls. That’s what a fool believes. And of course, I’m a fool. Yes, I’m an otaku, keep getting hurt so turn to 2-D girls, but somewhere in my heart still wishes that they would someday answer my prayer and hold my hand. Well, 3-D girls were much better during the 70s, so I’m not all against 3-D girls.

In fact, girls in the 70s, they were awesome. I’ve been hearing from people who enjoyed youth in the 70s that it only took three days for girls to be in a relationship. THREE DAYS! But right now, girls make us wait at least three months. From 3 days to 3 months. That’s insane. Isn’t evolution supposed to be happening? It’s been 30 years since the 70s, but girls are devolving instead of evolving. It’s degenerative. Why do they stop evolving?

Well, by national average girls earn only 76 cents if men earn a dollar. That’s why girls can’t take the initiative. They can’t ask men out, because whoever asks out has to pay. Men earn more than women, so in a dating scene, men have to pay everything. That’s also the reason why girls find the rich dudes super-attractive. It’s this economical reason that women are held back from evolving. Gender disparity is the culprit! What we need are revolution and evolution!

That’s why I figured they acted like that because they were told to do so by the machismo mainstream media of USA. So, I went to a couple of feminist rallies to help overthrow machismo.

Yet, I also figure it takes really a long time to do so. It might take another 40 years, just like it took almost 40 years from MLK’s martyrdom to the first black president of the United States. So by the time we dismantle machismo, I would be too old by then. Who would date an old geezer on a wheelchair? Only a caregiver will come talk to you and change your diapers. I rather die if I become like that. I can’t put up with that misery. But nobody can escape aging unless you die young. 3-D is too harsh.

It’s too tragic that I’m no longer 17 years old. Ah, how I wish I could be immortal, gain eternal youth, 17 forever…


Since my adolescent years, treated like subhuman by 3-D girls, I thought I would become a misogynist. But I’m not. I mean I try to avoid them as much as possible. I try not to look at them. But they are the only one I can’t really hate. Just a little accidental eye contact, their beauty captivates me. Even though they’ve hurt me and cornered me to go to hell.  Failing to have a mutual feeling with a girl is the most painful thing on earth. But at the same time I know success to have a mutual feeling with a girl is the happiest thing on earth. Yet I still can’t…

So, jealousy has been killing me. Whenever I see a girl taken, walking holding hands at shopping malls or beaches, my heart suffers from the first degree burn, especially when they’re having skinship with each other, so called flirting in public. I also want to have myself touched by girls. Rub my back, caress my forearms, fondle my hair, hold my hand, hug me, kiss me softly. Yes, what I need is skinship! I always want to be touched, or I want to touch them, mutual touching, but no girl agrees to be touchy in a romantic way, so out of desperation I touch myself. Yes, “my current girlfriend is my right hand.” That is the most tragic line I’ve ever heard from otakus on Niconico doga.

Yes, my current girlfriend is my right hand...

Therefore, my life remains the same, even though I strongly believed in change two years ago. After the election, I really hoped that girls would have become as libertine as women in the 70s, but I’ve been disillusioned. So, I can’t face reality as I can’t face the mirror. Yes, what you see in the mirror is reality. It’s better not to expect anything. I learned a tough lesson two years ago. No movement would change 3-D. America, or NAFTA, is 3-D after all. It’s dystopia. Why engage in reality? So, instead I’ve chosen a moetical paradise since USA is the Paradise Lost. As an indigo child, I have nowhere to turn to.

Moexodus. That’s the only answer I have… Moses crossed the Red Sea to search his Promised Land. I crossed the Pacific to search my Promised Land. Yes, the Promised Land, the mountain top MLK had been to.  Now, I’m crossing the 2-D Con (pronounced “niji-kon”) just like Crossing the Rubicon, from 3-D to 2-D.

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