Portrait of M&N: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Purchase Portrait of M and N Volume 1 (Portrait of M & N)
by Higuchi Tachibana
Published by Tokyopop. 208 pages. 2010 $9.34

I was slightly apprehensive when I was initially task to review Portrait of M&N, over at Anime.com, but with the opportunity of getting to read Volumes Two to Three arose. I was able to settle into reading this teenage romance with some more level of comfort. Also as far as what I read in Volume One and Two, there are other one shots from Tachibana. Volume Three is a complete full read of Portrait of M&N.

The cast of this teenage romance does fleshes out some more from the first volume, and there are quirks that can keep a reader going on. There are currently three books out in English from Tokyopop, and it is the half way point, since there is only six books. I really like the varying coloring book cover schemes of the series, so it is Yellow, Green and Blue for the current English releases.

Mitsuru and Natsuhiko are leads who both have secrets to keep from the world. They meet as transfer students, and do keep to themselves from the rest of the class, but as with many shoujo titles, somehow the female always seems to be the more disliked character in terms from other characters within the book.

For other similar reads, I previously mentioned Fruits Basket, and Kare Kano. But at this point of reading and thinking more about the series, Kamikaze Girls is also another title that should probably be read by readers of this series.

I don't want to be stuck in this scene!

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