A little thought about us recently…

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share some of our progress taking over the world and fandom in maturing and growing as a site. This isn’t an official announcement so relax, nothing major is happening…yet.

It’s funny, but recently I’ve got this incredible boredom for lack of work and not wanting to study burst of energy for trying to help out our side a little. As the greatest writer that has graced the pages of Anime Diet one of the contributors on this site – yes, we have 5 people on staff and out of the five, Mike, Moritheil, Matt, and I (Ray) write. For all the new readers (first, a bow from me), please don’t be mistaken; we have more than one face and each is very unique and quite different in writing style.

Some of Mike’s Articles:Review: Ponyo (Dub) – 88%, First Look Fair: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 (1-4), As the End Nears: The Surprising Quality of Toradora.

Some of Moritheil’s Articles:The Zen of Eureka Seven, Strike Witches: The Evil Without, The cancer that is killing Bleach.

Some of Matt’s Articles: AX 2009, Day 0: Behind-the-Scenes From the Cameraman’s Perspective, Code Geass R2 episode 22– It gets weirder and weirder(and his other Code Geass articles), Bleach 145– stupid tornados.

Jeremy, AKA. Big J, doesn’t write anything because he’s the chairman and the task master guy with goals and dreams, also to give a well-needed kick in all of our collective asses.

Of course, one of the biggest and baddest thing we do is our ever-faithful and steady podcast, subscripable via iTunes and RSS and downloads. In fact, we completed our latest episode recording (41) just 2 and half hours back. We promise, oh do we promise, more wacky news commentaries, discussions on shows that aren’t anime remake worthy, and well…licking around the rim of a chocolate coronet and then thrusting my tongue deep inside. Yes, all wholesome and Otaku friendly stuff indeed.

Last Friday night (Pacific Time), we had our first ever discussion on what the fuck is our site really about and what the fuck have we been doing for the past 2+ years our values, missions, dreams, ambitions and goals, one of which was to bring the funniest possible entertainment to the larger anime watching community (read: just otakus). That, we’re sincere about, because one commentor gave this comment on the podcast: “I was having a really shitty day and then I listened to you guys; I was laughing so hard and that made my day better. Thank you.”

Folks, when it boils down to it, that’s what we’re really all about – entertaining without trolling, fun and enjoyable without being overboard (really?), and thought-provoking without unfriendly attacks and mockeries at our community, as the guy we fired tried to do – he gets no name here and we deleted his contributions – we take this matter seriously.

We’ve all been struggling in the greater world, but we’re proud of what we have. So yes, as probably the last article written for AnimeBlips in the effort to promote us and to let people know what we do, I’m writing this article. Yes, I go silly, way overboard a little close to crossing the line and almost crazy sometimes, but I hope you guys really enjoy our personalities on air and on the site. Remember, we’re here to entertain and hopefully to give you a smile.

Have a good night/good day and see you around!

– Please Vote for Moritheil here. To see our Ponyo review on IMDB please go here, now at #8).

– We have worked with big names like Anime Genesis, Anime3000, How a Girl Figures, Makenai the Band, and so on. See Makenai in action below:

(OK, yeah, not the utter best video, obviously. But get a taste of their passion and power!)

Author: Ray

I'm a hardcore Anime Fan and I'm proud of it. I know so many things and I've acquired so much knowledge you wouldn't believe. But my love is anime. I've been drifting in this world for so long that I don't even know what an anchor means. I've seen so many shows that I've lost count. The only thing I'm sure of myself is that I care for the lowly and disenfranchised. I hate the rich and powerful and I love what I do, or what I can do. I like anime and I don't mind watching different types of shows. I have experience in different types of Japanese animation. I would be called an "expert" in a bizzaro world. One day, I'd like to start a revolution. I love the US, pizza, beer, sashimi, Chinese food, and steak. But I love freshly baked bread more than a well-aged steak. In reality, if I were born Japanese I'd be a real, hardcore Otaku. I love to love and I can hate strongly. I'm passionate in nature and I don't mind shedding tears. I can be reached at rayyhum777 at animediet. My Twitter is rayyhum777 at twitter.