Magical Girl Madoka makes Shinji look brave

I dunno, man. I mean, it’s been EIGHT episodes, and she’s still hesitating. I don’t think the show will go on 26 episodes and time is running very short for Madoka to do something for her friends and herself.

I get it, no really, I get it. She and Homura met long ago and just like the Sailor Moon in the Moon Kingdom, Madoka (with a previous life) was probably brave and strong…(sure). There’s a back story and all. I mean, I get it, so can we move on please? It’s a TV show, not a real life therapy session!

Even Shinji+Eva went Berserk within 2 episodes!

I really do like the emotional plays and the angst/dorama. But even I can only take it up to my throat, and it’s threatening to overflow my mouth. Look, Kyubei is the devil. It’s bad news. The girls can’t do a thing about it. And this episode spills the beans – it reveal the big plot that all of us probably have been suspecting from the beginning, so can we start moving forward please?

Like I said, it’s not a therapy session, it’s a TV show for God’s sake!

I honestly hope Madoka does something constructive next episodes.

I love the soundtrack and especially the ED (I fucking love the ED), and I suspect that’s why I still watch this show.

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6 thoughts on “Magical Girl Madoka makes Shinji look brave

  1. Well, the problem is what can she do? Becoming stronger by becoming a mahou shojo will be playing right into Kyubey’s hands. Wishes are granted by the bad guy and nothing forces him to grant the wish if it screws him over, a contract typically involves the consent of BOTH parties. So there’s no solutions this way either. It’s even possible that the solution this time is to NOT do anything. Sure Sayaka will be screwed forever but the world will roll on and it’s possible it’s the only way for Madoka to avoid Armageddon.

    The difference between Madoka and most others anime is that in other anime, the solution is visible (beat the ennemy, get stronger, get some balls) whereas acting in Madoka may result in an even worse situation (you either feed Kyubey grief seeds or don’t and become a witch yourself). The “best” case scenario after you become a mahou shojo is dying while having your soul gem crushed, and after that, you’re not vey useful to anyone….

  2. My answer for Madoka: she is being constructive. In the first three episodes, despite knowing the risks (some of them), she was more than willing to become a MG in order to fight alongside Mami. However, Mami’s death finally hammered reality into her, so she regressed, and started to think carefully about what she could possibly want bad enough to risk death.

    Then her friends got dragged into things, she was shown even more harsh realities with her best friend becoming a MG, and then breaking down, going insane, and blaming her for everything. She also learned what becoming a MG really meant, which caused her to regress again.

    But, once again, she expressed her desire and willingness to become a MG, if only to save Sayaka with her god-like potential. If it wasn’t for Homura, she would have become one. The fact is, Madoka is acting like she should, and the only reason nothing has happened with her is because people keep getting in her way, and unfortunate circumstances keep making her think twice.

    Anyway that’s just my guess.

  3. I also want to add in that Madoka has been very close to making a contract many times, but Homura prevents her every time she just just about ready to contract. So I wouldn’t put all the blame on Madoka for not becoming a MG yet. Though by the way the series is going I wouldn’t be surprised if she never becomes MG.
    Also since Homura is from a different time line, it’s possible that every time Madoka was about to contract with Kyubey is when she DOSE contact in OTHER time lines. But that’s just a random theory I have……

  4. Madoka is amazingly brave. How many times has she gone into a Witch’s Labyrinth without any powers, knowing full well what could happen if her protection was gone, but still doing it because she couldn’t stand to see her friend fighting alone?

    She just hasn’t contracted, that’s all. I could see how that might be frustrating, but it isn’t from a lack of bravery.

  5. I see where everyone is coming from with their points of views, but I offer this: If Madoka was truly brave, she would, upon hearing that she would become supremely powerful, take on the power and protect her friends and loved ones herself. The wish wouldn’t even be too hard to come up with – just make yourself invincible or something. If not that, then wish for the power to revert witches. All I’m saying is this, if Madoka wanted to freaking actually help people out, then she totally could. (I’m assuming she would actually be super-powerful, by the way. If Kyubei and Homura are wrong or lying, then this all falls down.)
    As far as the Shinji comparison goes, I have what sounds like sexism to offer. Men are unarguably more warlike than women. Fact. It’s not sexist, even if you think it is. Therefore, I have trouble seeing Madoka pulling a Shinji Berserk Moment. Shinji finally acts like a real man at that point and defended himself and his friends when they really needed him. In fact, going back further, when he saw Rei lying bleeding, I think think that was the true clencher. He manned up and hopped in the cockpit. I don’t see Madoka “manning up” for so macho a reason as protecting her friends. I assume she’ll be persuaded by someone, or perhaps tricked by InKyubeiTor, with teary-eyed resolve.

  6. My bet? Madoka only becomes a Magical Girl in the very last or second last episode of the series, and she will do it by tapping into her own power. The opening sequence hints at something like that, with the long-haired version of Madoka “melding” with her normal self. As for doing something constructive…well, when the world as you know it turns upside down and the cute talking animal is actually the devil and your best friend becomes a zombie in a blue dress before turning into a terrifying witch, just staying alive might be the most constructive thing to do!

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