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Magical Girl Madoka makes Shinji look brave

I dunno, man. I mean, it’s been EIGHT episodes, and she’s still hesitating. I don’t think the show will go on 26 episodes and time is running very short for Madoka to do something for her friends and herself.

I get it, no really, I get it. She and Homura met long ago and just like the Sailor Moon in the Moon Kingdom, Madoka (with a previous life) was probably brave and strong…(sure). There’s a back story and all. I mean, I get it, so can we move on please? It’s a TV show, not a real life therapy session!

Even Shinji+Eva went Berserk within 2 episodes!

I really do like the emotional plays and the angst/dorama. But even I can only take it up to my throat, and it’s threatening to overflow my mouth. Look, Kyubei is the devil. It’s bad news. The girls can’t do a thing about it. And this episode spills the beans – it reveal the big plot that all of us probably have been suspecting from the beginning, so can we start moving forward please?

Like I said, it’s not a therapy session, it’s a TV show for God’s sake!

I honestly hope Madoka does something constructive next episodes.

I love the soundtrack and especially the ED (I fucking love the ED), and I suspect that’s why I still watch this show.

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