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Magical Girl Madoka makes Shinji look brave

I dunno, man. I mean, it’s been EIGHT episodes, and she’s still hesitating. I don’t think the show will go on 26 episodes and time is running very short for Madoka to do something for her friends and herself.

I get it, no really, I get it. She and Homura met long ago and just like the Sailor Moon in the Moon Kingdom, Madoka (with a previous life) was probably brave and strong…(sure). There’s a back story and all. I mean, I get it, so can we move on please? It’s a TV show, not a real life therapy session!

Even Shinji+Eva went Berserk within 2 episodes!

I really do like the emotional plays and the angst/dorama. But even I can only take it up to my throat, and it’s threatening to overflow my mouth. Look, Kyubei is the devil. It’s bad news. The girls can’t do a thing about it. And this episode spills the beans – it reveal the big plot that all of us probably have been suspecting from the beginning, so can we start moving forward please?

Like I said, it’s not a therapy session, it’s a TV show for God’s sake!

I honestly hope Madoka does something constructive next episodes.

I love the soundtrack and especially the ED (I fucking love the ED), and I suspect that’s why I still watch this show.

Magical Girl Madoka 6 and 7 make me want my Sailor Moon back

Oh wow…

I mean, I’ve waited long enough for the show to grab me, to bite me, or to tell me “you don’t like me? Bite me.” Finally, the emotional intricacy is played out. The bitter consequences, which may remind some people about a certain mecha show and the bitter consequences of being a pilot in that show (No, I’m definitely NOT talking about Eva), really hit where it hurts. Though, I still have some reservations. For me, the childish drawings of the characters really detracts from the experience, when in fact, it’s suppose to add to it.

That said, man, these two episodes really packed an one-two punch. Anyone else out there think Qubei is THE DEVIL? To all of us, it’s now obvious Qubei is NOT even remotely the good guy here. Shimuzu Ai’s Qubei is innocent, cute, deceitfully harmless, but its apparent lack of any sympathy for the human condition really sends awful chills up my spine.

Once again, I totally missed what the beautiful images of this show conveys. It’s my loss. But for me, the acting and the trickery plus the hubris (ha ha, misusing a big word) make up for the experience.

But you know, the little girl inside me screams: “Mommy! Mommy! I want Sailor Moon back!”

Where is the pure belief in love and justice? Where have all the Sailor Soliders gone?

I mean, the zeigeist indicates bitterness, distrust and misplaced loyalties, as well as deceit and lies. But man, even the purest of the pure genres has now fallen under this negativity and distrust. It does make a great show, but it makes an old guy from the 80’s and 90’s sad.

The show did pick up for me, and that’s all that matters. The soundtrack remains perfect. My bottomline? Only now, it’s starting to be a worthy watch.

Magical Girl Nanoha and me picking up an old show

Well, you know there’s something called the “internet”? You know that there are certain not so perfectly legit sites out there…

And you know that when you’re a fan of Yukarin and Nana-chan…?

Well, lo and behold, I got all the Nanoha seasons…hey, sue me.

(Actually, on second thought, don’t. Because now I’m nearly flat broke. Except I live in Taiwan and somehow I’m surviving.)

Nanoha is a magical girl show that take the classic formula and adds a lot of emotional struggles and drama. Stuff that used to appear in the last four episodes of every Sailor Moon series (yes, I watched every episode and movie of Sailor Moon), appears very early in Nanoha. But the classic qualities of a magical girl is there – compassion, understanding, a fighting stick, a magical animal…

OK wait, WHO THE HELL MAKE THE STICK COMPUTER ACTIVATED??? Oh sure, we’re told that it’s still about magical powers, but hey!

Road Siruva Cartriji (Load silver cartrige)!

That’s a second seson thing. I’m only on episode 4 of season 2.

OK, OK, let me get this straight, so…this show was massively popular so that’s why they made FOUR seasons, right?

I dunno. I kind of like it. Even though it’s really because Tamura Yukari (YUKARINNNN) and Mizuki Nana are in it. Oh and Fate is soooooo cute!

Other than that, it really doesn’t impress an anime veteran that much. I do feel that unlike the classic magical girl show with like 40 + episodes, it’s nice to see everything wrap up in 13 episodes. I do also have to say that, damn, the new millenium magical girl shows sure are rather unhappy at times.

Not to mention Nanoha gets her ass kicked so often it is not even funny. What happened to super power ups and transformations in the middle of desperation?

The 21 century is desperate and ass-sucking indeed. Fuck the new millenium.