Here’s one for Fan service!

From ANN

Extra Dragonaut – The Resonance Episode’s Promo Posted

…official Japanese website of the Dragonaut – The Resonance anime series has added a streaming trailer movie…contents for the final DVD volume…

Ray’s take: Woohoo! Fan service lovers rejoice! Intellectuals beware! B&B and more B (read: boobs) coming yer way to bombard you on the head…I mean overhead! Together with senseless jealousy, heaping doses of BL, GL and T&A, the Dragonnaut unaired episode is coming out with a vengeance! For all of you who frowned at the gravity defying female bodies and over-designed hairdo, here’s something to piss you off even more! For all of yer enjoying the current crop of unrealistic female body proportions, more is coming to satisfy yer cravings, so 3 cheers for Dragonaut! Hooter! Hooter! Hooter!

Ahem, I mean, hooray… Oh and, enjoy Aya-chan playing as Garnet. I did. 😉

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