A Case Of Pre-Anime Expo Sickness…

Oohhh the hurting…

Unlike many of my cohorts here at Anime Diet, I was not able to work out the schedule in a way that I could enjoy every major event taking place this weekend in downtown Los Angeles. And in doing so, the agony for some of these events is still quite fresh!

So what we have here is a little pre-con rant before the true realization sets in that I likely wasn’t going to catch these anyway. But it does make me a little sad monster to know that I will not be in attendance for these significant events at what poses to be one of the most exciting last-minute lineups in Anime Expo history.

So without additional fanfare, a list of what I wish I was checking out this week instead of posting this. So break out the anesthetic, and dose me up… because this is gonna smart.

5. Yuu Asakawa : Time to fess up. I’m a sucker for the vocal stylings of this particular performer. It seems strange as she’s not particularly known for the atypical bubbly-voice that most expect from female seiyuu.Since her turn as cool-headed, turtle-phobe Motoko Aoyama in Love Hina, I’ve consistently been a fan of her brand of natural presence. (something that became all the rage in seiyuu work into the 2000s) Who can imagine super-cool classmate Sakaki-san without her wonderfully dry deliveries? And even as I’ve not heard much of her most recent work with recent shows, as well as the second Vocaloid app, it’s a shame that I won’t be able to catch her live.

{Diagnosis: Sad Face}

4. Toshihiro Kawamoto: Do I really need to explain this one?

{Diagnosis: Continuous “NOOOOOOOO!”s}

The Missing. The Anger!

3. Kenji Kamiyama, Tomohiko Ishii, & Satoru Nakamura: Folks, about the most important element of the congoing experience for me is the GoHs. There’s no disputing this. No matter how much conventions have evolved over the last several years, it has remained clear to me that the ability to actually see, and chat with those who bring us such amazing works is the prime blood of this activity. And to catch the minds behind such a classy production seems to me to be the ultimate reason to attend this year’s AX. True to the best years of this convention, FUNI and pals have delivered an awesome package with bringing some of Production IG’s most progressive minds responsible for one of the most consistently exciting shows in years. No doubt, one of the best licensing acquisitions I’ve been following in a long time, Eden Of The East (Higashi No Eden) is cause for celebration. So naturally, missing this only adds to the sad panda experience that is my AX.

{Diagnosis: Pangs Of Regret-Ow.}

2. Yui Horie: Again, another from the Hinata Sou camp. This is the one this year that pains me to no end to miss. As a longtime fan of this icon’s sound & range, to imagine much of recent anime without the often grouding timbre to her voice is near-impossible. And to think that she’s come from playing the quasi-tsundere violent romantic lead, to plucky heroines, and ultimately to the distant, loopy love interest of Toradora! makes me happy to see her weather the storm of the last ten years, and remain as charming as ever. I know this comes counter to my often sedate demeanor on this site, but this just plain hurts like the treads of a Guntank over my face.

{Diagnosis:Pathetic Tears In A Darkroom, followed by Hemorrhaging}

1. Ai Nakajima & May’n: OK. This is it. The big one. The announcement that almost made me throw my hands up, giving up on con events altogether this year. To not catch this duo live in LA is something tantamount not catching the first Moon Landing. It is just that kind of lunatic event that transcends merely an anime act. This is J-pop at its most vital & thrilling. Whether one has actually seen Macross F or not, this is a “can’t miss” appearance that very well lives up to being in Nokia Theater and blowing away expectations. From catching some of their performances online, this is ground zero for my inner fanboy this year. And it is made all the more crushing that it takes place mere hours before I actually show up! To quoth Paul Atreides:THE PAIN!!!!

{diagnosis: Tears Of Blood}

(All the best to my fellow Dieters on the scene right this moment, as well as all the fans taking part in as many AX events as possible!)

Anime Diet Radio Episode 49 – The Return of the Legend of the Legendary Podcast

It’s definitely been too long since the last Anime Diet Radio episode…and a lot has happened since then. But now we’re back, just in time for AX coverage, the Aniblog Tourney, and more! We talk about the usual round of strange news–politicians buying manga with political funds, a robot officiating a wedding, and of course a bill about “non-existent children.” We answer all the letters from the last episode. And, finally, we fill you in on just what the heck has been going on with the site for the past several months and what we’ll be doing in the next couple of weeks: namely, Anime Expo 2010!

Here’s something a little different about this podcast too: we’re asking you for a few things! Have you ever wanted to help out our cause in some way? Well, here’s what we’re looking for:

  • VOTES FOR THE ANIBLOG TOURNEY! Right now, we’re in the middle of Round 4 of the Aniblog Tourney. We’re up against the classy and respectable blog The Null Set–but you love us because we’re crass and disrespectable, right? Please vote for us if you haven’t already! [http://aniblogtourney.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/round-4-match-8/]
  • FUNNY ANIME/MANGA TITLES: send us your suggestions for anime/manga titles that with only a slight change might suggest…something else. For instance, Ray suggested “Shounen Hump.” We’ll read the best ones aloud!
  • INTERVIEW QUESTIONS FOR AX 2010 GUESTS: there are a lot of Guests of Honor at AX this year. Do you have any questions to ask any of them? Send us your suggestions by email [editor@animediet.net] or by leaving a comment!
  • AX VIDEO AND PHOTO: if you have any cool video or photos you’d like to share with us from this year’s Anime Expo, send links of them to us at the same email address above! We might feature the best ones on our site.

Lots of ways to contribute! Thanks so much for sticking with us in our down time and we will definitely be seeing you again soon!

(NOTE: as usual there were some audio quality issues here and there. Hopefully things will be better next time!)

Show Order

  • (00:00) Introduction
  • (05:12) News 1: Bill Banning Nonexistent Children Struck Down
  • (20:04) News 2: Robot Officiates Wedding
  • (27:38) News 3: Politician Buys Shoujo Manga With Voter Funds
  • (38:38) Mailbag
  • (52:35) Roundtable: Our Past, Present, and Future
  • (71:55) Conclusion

Show Notes

  • OP/ED: “My Soul, Your Beats!” (regular and rock version)
  • Source for the story about non-existent children is from ANN [http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-06-16/tokyo-nonexistent-youth-bill-rejected-by-assembly]. The robot wedding is from Weird Asia News [http://www.weirdasianews.com/2010/05/23/ifairy-robot-performs-wedding/]. Finally, the story about the politician is also from ANN [http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2010-06-15/minister-arai-regrets-aide-listing-manga-as-expenses]
  • Once again–you can vote for us at the Aniblog Tourney here [http://aniblogtourney.wordpress.com/2010/06/22/round-4-match-8/]. Some of the previous coverage we did is available on our Youtube channel [http://youtube.com/animediet], and our lengthy interviews with Nabeshin here [http://animediet.net/conventions/pmx-2009-exclusive-interview-with-nabeshin]!

Not Anime Diet Radio Episode 49 – Two Teasers Instead!

It’s been a long time since the last episode of Anime Diet Radio…and as usual things are taking just a little longer to put together than planned. But in case you’ve been missing our unique mix of wacky news, roundtable discussions, and dick jokes, here’s not one, but TWO teasers/trailers to whet your appetites.

One is PG rated, the other…not. One sees the return of my most favoritest radio host in the world. The other…not. You’ll hear it. (Podcast subscribers, you’re getting the “clean” one. Come to the site to listen to the other one.)

What Pixar and Miyazaki have in common (and what anime can learn from them)

John Lasseter and Hayao Miyazaki at Comic Con 2009

The people at Pixar are well-known admirers of Hayao Miyazaki and his works. Creative chief John Lasseter and his crew often watch Studio Ghibli movies for inspiration when they are stuck. He personally introduced Miyazaki at last year’s Comic Con. Totoro even appears in their latest work, Toy Story 3, and Miyazaki and Toshio Suzuki are named in the “Special Thanks” credits.

Pixar, of course, has one of the most consistent track records in animation quality and storytelling–one only equalled by…well, Miyazaki himself. I’d like to suggest that some of the reasons why are similar, and that anime in general might learn something from the consistency of their success.
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Losing The Game

This is the most hilarious juxtaposition ever.

It’s not Kaicho wa Maid-sama and The Game that I find funny, mind you. It’s anime otaku and The Game.

In a sense, this would seem to be a perfect match: take clueless, dateless, raging nerds, and inculcate them with the techniques passed down by the dating equivalent of kung-fu masters. Surely that should bring about a change in their lives! Yes; let’s train sex-starved, antisocial men in a series of techniques that teach them to manipulate and objectify the other sex, then turn them loose on the dating scene.

What could possibly go wrong?

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FLCL At 10 Years: Our Iron Lung

“pictures came and broke your heart
we can’t rewind we’ve gone too far”

– The Buggles

After some time passing, along with some negligence on my side, I have come to realize that more than just the witnessing of the rise and fall of an entertainment enterprise, but of the tenth anniversary of a singular event of the anime otaku timeline. How any times can we say that we bore witness to blunt force trauma by guitar, teleporting robots via cranial space, satellite knuckleballs, John Woo bullet free-for-alls, wanton pop culture references, streams-of-consciousness musing on everything from Hideki Kaji to ironed brains as indie rock blares out like a psychedelic greek chorus from space all within its few scant hours of running time? Hideaki Anno‘s talented disciple, Kazuya Tsurumaki’s straight to video experiment, FLCL (Furi Kuri) was something akin to an end-all to the so-called “edge anime” boom that came on the heels of his senpai’s Shin Seiki Evangelion, a series for which many can consider the last great game changer for the anime medium. Of all the would-be landmarks of the post-Evangelion era, it was the legacy of this OAV that helped cement japanese animation as a propulsive force in contemporary creative media by looking at the walls laid out by masters of old, only to laugh in its face with a rare childlike glee by also introducing many fans to animation bad boys like Shinya Ohira, Mitsuo Iso & Hiroyuki Imaishi. And even if this particular force left behind a slew of forgotten experiments, and pale imitations, few shows ever found the mix displayed within a little tale of a boy trapped within a facade of his own making.

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Ray reports June 16 – Otaku gangster style

Ray promotes our presence in da world as well as talks about our plan for AX. Warning, Ray’s hot and in this one, he bares his shoulders and neck for all the ladies and talking in Otaku Gangster Tongue at the same time! Smoking! XD

From AD Radtio – Ray’s Report June 16th from Ray Hu on Vimeo.


Anime Diet – Ray Can Cook!

Yeah, it’s not about anime. But it is an Otaku who can cook. So, this was my lunch (see vid below taken with a Bloggie). I cooked a little too much and couldn’t finish it. In any event, stay tuned for the summer season and AX coverage!

Ingredients: beef slices, pork bacon slices (just the meat, not the already cured stuff), chicken thigh meat, spinach, long grained jasmine rice, butter, chicken stock, Hiroshima Oyster Soy Sauce, garlic, green onion, seasame seed oil.

Steps: Does anyone care to know? I’ll email you.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your lunch already!

B Gata H Kei 11 – My heart has been stolen

I actually waited for almost two weeks before I began writing this. I know for a fact that I need to review this episode one more time before I can say anything about it. But upon a second watch, my laughter did not wane and my enthusiasm stayed strong.

My God, my God, where can I find a girl like her? She may not be “Jessie’s Girl” but where can I find a woman like that?

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Seikon no Qwaser Boob Flood pt. 2

The only thing I can say is…RELEASE THE TITTIE FOUNTAIN!

WARNING: GRAPHIC INTENSIVE + NSFW!!! Enjoy(?) at your own discretion! If you need a good laugh, watch the first 5 minutes of the episode. The ridiculous meter was full. I wonder if Hirano Aya and Fujimura Ayumi was blushing hard when they did the voice over for this episode (and last one)? Hazukashii! Iiya!

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