3-D girl destroys DS

When I was navigating 恋愛相談 Renai-Soudan (relationship consultation) section of Yahoo!Japan, I found an interesting thread. Some girl wrote, “I smashed my boyfriend’s DS since he was totally absorbed in a dating sim.”

Here is the entire translation of the post she wrote.

My boyfriend had been going head over heals with a dating sim, so finally I lost my cool and demolished his DS.

I’m a 21 years old ♀. He got hooked on some kind of DS dating sim.

Because, even when I asked him to show it to me, he never did, so I don’t know what the game really was. But whenever he played the game, he always had niya-niya (grin-grin) on his face talking to his DS, and I speculate the game was Love Plus from the news topic I saw (I don’t know the actual game).

At first, I didn’t mind at all, but as he developed an abnormal attitude and manic attachment to the game, I thought I had to do something, so I texted him and invited him for a date a couple times, but eventually he stopped responding to me, and he often found excuses not to go out with me. Even if I forced a situation to have a conversation with him, he was constantly playing DS, and what was going on between him and DS was extremely weird.

And, one day I happened to read an article about Love Plus, and it sounded very familiar, but I never dreamed my boyfriend would become one of those who got hooked on that kind of stuff.

However, around that time, he began to explicitly flirt with DS even though I was around him, and he was whispering to himself, and when I heard him say “I love you, baby,” I just snapped and got into a huge fight with him, and a lot of things went on, and as a result, I smashed his DS into pieces. He was stunned at first, but then he went furious, and though he didn’t punch me in the face, he grabbed my chest and gave me ugly verbal assaults, and I ended up jumping out from his room. But, he is still very upset about it and constantly texting me that “You did an irreparable damage. You’ll have to pay for my DS, or I’ll sue you!

I don’t know what to do. I still love him.

But I know what I did was a property damage, and I think I went too far, but I couldn’t help it, so I don’t want to pay for the damage nor make an apology.

But I don’t want to break up with him. But I don’t know how.

I want to repair our relationship.

Sorry for being incoherent, but please give me your advice and thoughts on this.

Wow, instead of breaking up with him, she destroyed a DS. Real girls like her try to smash 2-D girls. They want to destroy our last hope we can cling to.

In a book Makeiku-no-tōboe, Sakai Junko accuses Otaku of not objectifying real girls, especially アラサー・ガール arasaa (around thirty, 26-34) girls, because we’re into 2-D. But these girls are the one having treated us like a toxic waste.

According to Katsuma Kazuyo, the charismatic leader of a women self-improvement cult in Japan (her followers are called “Katsumaa”), only 4% of single arasaa boys make more than 6 million yens ($60,000 USD). So, the rest of 96% are losers in the eyes of arasaa girls. In elephant seals world, only 4% of males have 88% of total copulations according to The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. Yes, 4%! The same percentage with successful single arasaa boys in Japan. It’s too tragic that we human beings are nothing different from lower-creatures like elephant seals in terms of sexuality. Aren’t we supposed to be more evolutionarily advanced than elephant seals?

Sengoku-Basara, Sengoku-Musou

Moreover, some of arasaa girls are 歴女 (rekijo “history girls”). According to Kitano Takeshi’s Nippon-no-Mikata (aired April 2nd, 2010 in Japan), Sengoku Basara is one of the most popular games among rekijo. They idolize Sengoku-Busho (the 15-16 century Japanese military leaders) like Oda Nobunaga, the most notable brutal violent alpha male in the history of Japan.

"I'm a long time fan of Nobunaga. He said to me, 'Tawake!(you idiot!)'"
"Yay! Nobunaga said that to me!"

And what’s their main reason they become rekijo? Their answer, “There are too many soshokukei boys. Sengoku-Busho are much better.

"Too many soshokukei men today. Busho are much better."
"Soshoku is a failure."

草食系 Soshokukei (carnivorous, sensitive) boys are the failure? Useless? Unmarketable? And Sengoku-Busho, especially Oda Nobunaga, the worst atrocious macho man ever known in the Japanese history, are really better than us? Really? Do they really think like that? They wanna choose violence over peace? Are they out of their effing mind? Nobunaga was Japanese Hitler! Nothing has changed since I left Japan. It’s very sad to see these girls are still indoctrinated and brainwashed with machismo that have cornered us to take refuge in the 2-D world such as Kimikiss, yes, utopia indeed, the Promised Land!

Although these evolutionarily challenged girls are having fun with Sengoku-Busho games, we don’t intend to call for the destruction of PS. We don’t agitate any boycott of game consoles. What’s the point?

Machismo’s era is over. Yet, these girls are clinging to the past. And the past they cling to is the Sengoku period, the worst time of all in the Japanese history except for WWII. Sengoku-Busho were the blood-thirsty warmongers. We can’t go back to that. The era of 肉食系 nikushokukei (carnivorous, violent) males is over. Now should be the time for us, as a young preacher from Georgia once said that together we shall always march forward into the future.

Yet, evolution doesn’t happen over night. It’s a damn long process. And before violent males go away, and before girls completely evolve enough to choose us as a sexual partner, we all would be dead. So, our future is bleak. That is the reality we live in, i.e., 3-D. Therefore, the only girls we seek are in 2-D.

And I hope one day Love Plus will be made into an anime. So, I can migrate from reality to the realm of 17. From 3-D to 2-D. From here to eternity.

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

A refugee from Japan. Live in NAFTA. Get hooked on Moe. Moe is opium? Twitter: @MonsieurLamoe

9 thoughts on “3-D girl destroys DS

  1. I can’t really blame the girl for getting jealous over the amount of time her boyfriend spent with his game and destroying it may have been the only way to resolve it. And if he really did get so angry that he wants to FRAKKING SUE HER and scares her into bailing from the room, then she was pretty much right. That is the attitude of an addicted or sick person. Maybe there’s more to this story than meets the eye. He doesn’t sound like a typical case.

  2. Hey, I’m a manly man who loves swords! XD I’ve got a real WWII relic gunto, a han sword and the prototype sword for Zhou Yu in the Movie The Red Cliff! I got aiguchi and knives made with Japanese sword smith techniques! I’m manly! XD

  3. @Ehrgheiz

    Yes, definitely. That dude has been disrespectful from the start. I would have advised her to break up with him a long time ago. But she got hooked on him. And that’s the problem.

    This incident was very symbolic, reminds me of Luddite, destroying machine instead of fighting real oppressor. She thinks because of DS, she suffers, not because of her dude. Because of other girls he’s into, not him. Then, she destroys DS. Killing other girls, not Kill Bill. Eradicating other girls would get him back. Other girls in this case are 2-D girls.

  4. @Ray

    I don’t like men. I loathe men’s world. I wish I could be born as a lesbian girl, so I could have mingled with girls without any difficulties. To give you an example, Strawberry Dormitory from Strawberry Panic!

    I would have been a sword collector if the world history had been run by women, not Sengoku Musou, but Koihime Musou, which is an alternative ancient Chinese or Han history.

    1. I hear ya. I’d love to be in the Ichigo-shia/Strawberry Dormitory in Strawberry Panic!
      I do feel that, if women were to run the world, the world would be a lot less violent!

  5. The whispering part makes this story a lil’bit creepy. I know that some of us can attach easily to this parallel world – make us feel more comfortable and all – but going in that direction it’s weird. I’m on her side this time :P.

  6. @Ray,

    yeah, Ichigo-sha! Utopia.


    Well, of course, we side with women. We’re feminists. I’ve marched with girls carrying placards at feminist rallies. But this girl says she still wants to keep dating him. And that’s questionable. And smashing 2-D girls instead of breaking up with him.

  7. I comepletely disagree with her being in the right.

    It matters not that your view of him that he was sick, or he needed help. the man was quite CLEARLY happy.

    “he always had niya-niya”

    If a man gets addicted to drugs, and that man is truly, truly happy. what right do we have to take away his happiness because he may die from it? None. Humans do things that may kill them all the time, death is very likely, its always standing right there. same thing applies, if he wishs to abandon his girlfreind for this, then thats up to him. one may bring more happyniess than the other.

    Now the male himself gave the woman many verbal clues that he wasn’t interested in her anymore. and whilst yes, the man should have broken up with her, the woman should have had the sense to know when to call it quits, or at least to talk to him. and if he declines then you have your answer.

    But she breaks his stuff? his joy? his love? his save files? his time? his effort?

    and then doesn’t want to PAY?

    i would sue her to the ends of the earth, for all she had no matter if she was my girlfriend. you don’t break someone’s stuff, and you certainly dont break something some loves because your jealous. Im a computer obsesive, and if someone was to break it on purpose all care or love for that person would fade away, its breaking my trust.

    Happiness is relative! you joy is not someone elces and if its weird to you then thats your problem, you don’t need to fix them. some people like to tie people up, some people like old people, some people like men, some people enjoy the company of a DS girl more than a real one. (and he did have a choice, he was not lonely) and thats for him to decide not her.

    /end rant

    1. Haha. I enjoyed your rant. Yes, that’s what liberty’s about!

      Yes, he did have a choice. How envious… He’s voluntarily dating 2-D girl and 3-D girl at the same time, what a playboy…as bad as Tiger Woods! He’s an idiot, like a prince from The Idiot by Dostoevsky. In turn, no girl tries to destroy my DS. I want them to care about me just a little bit more…completely ignoring me hurts me really bad, like I don’t even exist in 3-D, everyday cup-ramen is tiring, I want obento…warm-hearted handmade food. Yes, like Sae-chan does! She’s an angel!

      Right. Property damage. Destroying DS. That’s going too far. Like the Luddite movement, workers destroyed the machines in the factory instead of marching against their management. She could have given him the ultimatum, “If you keep dating 2-D girls instead of me, I gonna dump you!” Then, just dump him. The end of problem. But I understand her pain though, I can imagine the pain that your loved one hasn’t been reciprocating your feeling, not as much as you want him to be, but destroying his property is big no no.

      Love Plus is phenomenal. There are many blogs written by wretched girlfriends complaining that their boyfriends not caring enough about them because of Love Plus. Reading Japanese girl’s magazines such as Vivi, there’s a section complaining about boyfriends, and always the topic of Love Plus pops up. From reading those, I can tell how phenomenal Love Plus is. So, I thought it was interesting to write about it.

      That said, we can tell that non-otaku ordinary men who have no problem finding a girlfriend are also playing a dating sim nowadays, once used to be a very otaku thing to do. Ordinary men are discovering how awesome 2-D girls are. Maybe that’s something to do with the recent emergence of soshokukei (herbivorous) boys. Otaku is pretty much universalized now, anybody can claim to be otaku. Ordinary folks are watching Evangelion nowadays. So, I guess the word otaku doesn’t really imply that we’re a loser anymore.

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