Mangaka Hiro Mashima Tweets 130+ Colored Sketches of “Fairy Tail” [Gallery Edition]

Hiro Mashima, creator of Fairy Tail, is one of the few popular mangaka‘s from Japan to utilize Twitter in order to interact with his fans. Mashima has tweeted well over 3,700 tweets, and has submitted a multitude of sketches.

Fans of the series will be excited to hear that Mashima has tweeted a variety of colored sketches of his characters from Fairy Tail. Most colored FT works are fan-art, but the ones listed below are an original creation from the creator himself. Enjoy.

Even in his spare-time, Mashima continues to draw his characters; it goes to show how dedicated he truly is. Plenty of more sketches can be found on his Twitter.

Commentary & Discussion

Now that fans know what their favorite characters look when colored, should Mashima consider a Fairy Tail manga in full color, just as the Dragon Ball full colored manga, or should he simply keep them as fun sketches to post online? Let us know!

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