Love Azunyan!

I’ve gotta say, when I saw Azusa on K-On, I was hooked.

She’s cute, easily embarassed but somehow even more moe than Mio. I also really liked the episode when she insisted on people practicing but ended up having the most fun and that tan with the tan line was hawt!

I guess my oji-san complex is on, eh?

In any event, found these below:

Yes, I know it’s Ranka (Nakajima Ai) singing, but it’s still cool!

Wow…that was an amazing piece of fan creation. I was quite surprised that it even has a mini-plot!

This time, the entire K-On band is involved. More Ranka singing, though.

I really like this for my Azunyan fix!

Great for spacing out at work…

Mizuwhirl’s thought on K-On (a second season is coming)

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8 thoughts on “Love Azunyan!

    Thank you very much for yesterday.
    Second movie is “Miku Miku Dance”!!
    It’s free soft.
    Azunyan good!!!
    I wonder how to make these.
    I have just remembered Ichigo Masyumaro(莓ましゅまろ).K-ON members are similiar to them?
    exaple) Anatyan (アナちゃん).
    In japan time 30/12 23:13( pm 11:13) at night. I’m sleepy.

    1. @ こなちゃん – thank YOU! People were definitely interested in reading about 2 ch and looking at Comiket cosplay pictures.
      Well, you remember that 平沢 唯, Hirasawa Yui call 中野 梓, Nakano Azusa “Azunyan”, right? Because Azusa is soooo moe! So her nickname in the show is Azunyan.

      We’re looking for good animators who can do these types of videos for us. But yeah, these videos are great!
      Oh and Check out Miju-chan’s comment for Cosplay pictures from Comiket 77 post.
      Good night!

  2. Regarding the first video, I’d never watched it all the way through, so I was surprised to see how effective the MikuMikuDance software is at depicting abject terror. Also, I’m rather fond of the K-ON lazing around theme.

    1. @ Niles – I don’t know animation software at all but I guess it’s a very good piece of software? The Lazy around theme is sweet and has a calming effect.

  3. I am not even a fan of K-ON but Azunyan is cute, I give you that. And the first video in this post is classic as hell while it makes me smile out of joy everytime I watch it. ^_^

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