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Hirano Aya Concert: Review

See the full set of concert pictures taken by Shizuka here.

Aya Hirano’s concert, held on the last day of Otakon 2012, was an excellent way for many to spend the last few hours of the convention. Aya Hirano is best known for her role as the singer of the opening and ending songs for The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, as well as voice acting anime characters such as Haruhi and Konata from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Lucky Star, respectively.

Scheduled from 12:30pm – 1:30pm (conveniently after most area hotels’ checkout time), the line for Aya Hirano’s concert extended from the entrance of the concert hall and continued outside the east side of the Baltimore Convention Center, an effort to minimize the line’s impact to traffic inside the convention that was mostly successful. Thanks to excellent line control by Otakon’s staff, the concert hall quickly and efficiently filled with Otakon attendees, nearly hitting the three-thousand person capacity of the concert hall.

The lights dimmed, the band strolled onto the stage, and…

Aya Hirano stood before thousands of her American fans, singing “Riot Girl” from her debut album of the same name. Her second song, “Kiss Me,” was from her second album Speed☆Star. These songs were from 2008-2009, near the beginning of her career.

After singing the first two songs, Aya Hirano finally greeted her American fans to excited cheering and vigorous waving of glowsticks. The next set of songs were the only parts of the concert that press could photograph. So as Aya Hirano started performing these songs, I was madly taking pictures of Aya Hirano’s performance.

“DIFFUSION (To the Other Side)” – from Aya Hirano’s May 2012 FRAGMENTS album
Unnamed World – from Aya Hirano’s 2009 Speed☆Star album. Also the ending theme for Nijū Mensō no Musume.

At this point, most fans of Aya Hirano who had only heard of her anime songs might not have recognized any of the songs just performed. Of course, she had just saved her most well known songs for last: “God Knows…,” “Lost My Music,” and “Super Driver.” These songs were used as insert songs for the first season of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the opening to the show’s second season.

As Aya Hirano finished “Super Driver,” the stage went dark, the band departed, and the concert ended. Or did it? Aya Hirano’s fans at Otakon cheered for an encore for almost five minutes before Aya Hirano and her band obliged, singing “Bouken Desho Desho?”, the opening theme to the first season of Haruhi Suzumiya. This wasn’t just an ordinary performance of “Bouken Desho Desho?”, as Aya Hirano called out to the audience, holding out her microphone for the audience to sing along with the harmony. The last song of the concert, “MonStAR,” was a piece from her early album Riot Girl.

The concert was immediately followed by an autograph session. A line that stretched the entire way around the perimeter of the room rapidly formed. While I didn’t have time to stay for Aya Hirano’s autograph session, I heard that she stayed for more than two hours after the end of her concert to make sure that everyone who made it into the line got an autograph. Bravo, Otakon and Aya Hirano, for making many Hirano fans’ dreams come true: a live concert, an autograph, and a memory that will last a lifetime.

The full set list follows (Source: Japanator)

Intro Medley
Riot Girl
Kiss Me


Diffusion (To the Other Side)
Unnamed World
Bright Score


God Knows…
Lost My Music
Super Driver

Bouken Desho Desho?



MC04 and End of Concert

Aya Hirano – leave her alone and just let it be

(Editor’s Note: Thanks to Zone Otaku for some of the information provided, which they found on, uh, Sankaku Complex)

I will ask someone to translate this into Japanese because I suspect this is article will be targeting Japanese fanboy behaviors. Yes, this is going to be a rant against creepy people (I’m going to avoid the “O” word) who are just too stupid to get the hell over it.

This strange “Aya-bashing” has been going on for a long time but I think it’s really time for people for move on from being obsessive with this woman. In my not so humble opinion, she was great as Haruhi and Konata. She sang with passion and enough skill for “God Knows”, but really, what else was all that impressive?

I followed this one mainly because she was cute. Yes, that was pretty much it. But when I really measured her talent against Mizuki Nana, Kugimiya Rie, Tanaka Rie, Kuwashima Houko, and some other older voice actresses that I really like, I realized that her talents were really, just her cute face and child-like act in front of the camera. I mean really, did anyone like her as Garnet in Dragonaut? Or whatshercharactersname in Hykko? How about the Daughter of 20 Faces?

At least she acts well enough as the lead one of the Zettai Karen Children. So seriously, for those obsessive fans anywhere, what the fuck exactly do you see in this one? Do you notice that I keep on saying, “this one”. Because honestly, people like female seiyuu are easily forgotten. Which of you young’uns remember Mistuishi Kotono? How about Hisakawa Aya? Whom? Whaddya mean, whom? Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury, that’s whom. Oddly enough, I don’t forget them because I value their voice acting skills in making my favorite characters alive. Sure, as the Japanese anime voice acting industry started to look for cuter voice actresses with better looking faces, I found myself attracted to some of them. But see, looks aren’t absolute and people change. As a matter of fact, the voices of old timers like Inoue Kikuko grew more powerful and more solid as they aged. As for looks, have you see Yuu Asakawa (har har pun) AKA Julia-san lately? Looks can be changed but voice acting skills grow maturer. I’m not just takling about pitch, either.

You think now I’m Aya-bashing, too, saying that she’s not all that great. Wrong! I indeed have pointed out her limited skill range but you know what? I liked her a lot, precisely because of her limited range. I liked the fact I could identify her voice immediately like a signature and the fact she was cute. She’s cute now but I’ve gotten over her. But really, she’s a just another person and just another girl. Recently she talked about her love interest. What’s it to ya? Are you in her perspective dating range as in, you could get in contact with her without being a stalker from Malaysia or Akiba? WTF?

Now, she’s probably giving up the anime stuff or will be giving it up because of all the unnecessary flames that she receive daily. What the fuck is the point? Now people like these fanboys are possibly driving a good talent (again, limited but good) away from some of our favorite shows. Her new agent doesn’t give a shit about anime. So you fanboys are pushing her even further away from voice-acting. Is that what you really want?

By the way, destroying your Aya goods and showing it to the world only GREATLY MAGNIFIES your stupidity in wasting money. Guys, you’re being idiots. Big, fucking idiots. I’ll be even harsher here; idiot fanboys like you are a waste of human life and valuable resources on this planet, so just die and save others some valuable resources. Just die. Nobody really cares about you, so just die. Take the jump. Just jump. Hang yourself. Just do it. Whatever. But leave this poor woman alone. She’s required by her agency to read the shit that you post and she’s had enough. If she quits then it’s your fault and we need to start a witchhunt, not for her, but for hunting you down. You got that? Because you will be at fault.

At the end of the day, if you found yourself being yelled at here, then know this: you’re fucking it up for the rest of us by driving her away. You think she made all the career decisions on her own? Are you fuckin’ stupid? Young Japanese talents do what they’re told to do or risk being shafted and wiped off the entertainment industry all together! It’s only when they get older and occupy senior positions that they get their say. If you’re Japanese, you’re especially guilty of this sin – you know and I know that the average Japanese worker does whatever he or she is told, period, or lose his or her job. The so-called “request” from the boss can often be unreasonable and tedious. What, you didn’t know that and you call yourself a Japanese worker? What a lame joke you’re!

I remember there was one episode in Sailor Moon where Sailor Venus helped to tackle a problem with creepy stalkering fans. She said that to be a true fan, you should support the person and not making her uncomfortable by stalking. In my words, to love your talented people is to help cheer them on and don’t make them feel creeped out, oh and buy a couple of CD’s and whatnot when you have some money. How hard is that? If you hate this person, which would be weird since she doesn’t know you and you don’t really know her, then move on! That’s what the average Japanese fans for anything do! Something/someone new comes, they move on! So get the hell over her already! There are newer and younger faces in the crowded seiyuu field now! Go like them or something.

I’m going to risk losing some of my biggest fans by saying: yeah, I’m over Aya-chan. I’ve been over her. True, I’m still sad that she’ll probably move further and further away from the voice-acting gig, but for that, I blame you creeps.

Now get the fuck out of the global fan community – yes, it is global and I hope from the bottom of my heart that you live a hundred thousand million times as painfully as possible with it – You’re making everyone, including kind and gentle Japanese fans, looking like shit.

Get the fuck out.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed her at Anime Diet reflects the diversity of ideas and thoughts of different contributors and do not present Anime Diet’s official position. Please stay tuned for other convention coverage and anime reviews.

Film Review:The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya

A child of the 80s, I grew up in time to become an instant fan of Robert Zemeckis’s Back To The Future. A film as much about self-discovery as it ever is about tinkering with alternate dimensions. The adventures of a young man who’s strange fortune lands him 30 years before, to the days of his parents, only to endanger the future consumation of their marriage and thereby threatening his own existence was a brilliant throwback to the best of Capra. It’s A Wonderful Life for the Reagan-era is not too far a stratch for a film dealing with alternate realities, amidst a cinematically mundane setting. It also worked largely due to its colorful cast of characters, hair-pulling predicaments, and epic music. But the film’s core appeal at least to me was the core relationship between wizard & student. Why mention this uber mainsream offering from Hollywood? Because it was the first film to come to mind upon watching The Disappearance Of Haruhi Suzumiya. A film not too far removed from the memories of Marty McFly, albeit in a far more reflexively meta tone with just a touch of, dare I say it? Melancholy.

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Tsundere Banana End of 2009 Special

Only a few minutes before 2010 rolls around on the East Coast and a few hours before Midwest and a few more for West Coast! If you are not spending time with anyone or not many people and still have a little bit ear time, this episode is for you!

It’s 10:55 in length so it’s rather long. You’ve been warned!

This Episode: Ray talks about Canaan’s plots, Gundam 00 and the real thing to focus on for men for that show, Scientific Railgun (great animation with the rain scene) and Kimi no Todoke. Ray is being his clumsy, fast-talking self, of course.

(Just recorded this 1 hour 20 minutes ago…Busy, busy…)

HAPPY 2010 from Anime Diet to YOU!

Suguru’s look back at 2009

Review: Queen’s Blade s2 08 – really, it’s more worth than its looks.

I kept on noticing that the music actually puts a chill up my spine every time something dramatic happens (a nice pair of Sennheiser helps, of course). Although the animation broke down in a few places, but they sure crammed enough drama and plot into it.

As much as most people will utter: “It’s Queen’s Blade! Plots be damned!” In season two, plots do matter. After the last episode, where Shizuka poured her heart out in death and really made me shed a tear (wow, this show?), this episode is significantly less moving, of course.

The story about Airi and Lana is a little contrived and probably bases on anime character stereotype – after all, if somebody out there predicted that Airi would have a soft spot for a shota, then it’s not a real character trait but a standard anime character type. I mean because the show really didn’t show me any hint about Airi’s possible softside (yes, I must be relieved to see her soft side), I just couldn’t justify it being a legitimate character trait. I honestly thought she’d just walk away or suck his energy. There lies the problem with some of the characters.

There really wasn’t an in depth revelation to most of those characters and even for characters played by expert seiyuu like Rierie, who played Nix. I honestly wasn’t sure the exact character traits of her. The issue here is this: too many characters, too few episodes and too flashy (flashing, too) from time to time. Oddly, in S2, the amount of T&A is actually way down and I feel like it’s starting to make sense…well, like I said before, when female warriors fight for their lives, the last thing they care is becoming more and more naked.

Can’t say I was touched about Airi going away; can say that Lana has consistently showed balls (not literally, thank God). In this episode, he decides to help Ymir to better Reina’s sword. The main character finally gets that excalibur (I’m thinking about Artoria in Fate/Stay Night anime screaming: “excalibur!”).

Nanael…Oh Aya-chan, Aya-chan why must thou be playing annoying characters? Nanael was a sneaky chick but wasn’t that annoying because Aya-chan had a knack of playing her as not-so-annoying, but now she’s decayed into a big, fucking moron. In S1, she redeemed herself by fighting off the trio, in s2 she’s done nothing but being an idiot. Maybe that’s her character charm, but aside from the girly panties and nice melons, she’s done nothing redemptive so far.

I’d like to say “the plot thickens” but really, from here, it’s autopilot for me.

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Fairy’s tail; ya fairy; chasing that fairy’s tail

From ANN

Fairy TailAnime’s Voice Cast Listed in Shonen Magazine

…Lucy: Aya Hirano
Happy: Rie Kugimiya

Ray’s Take:  Tails and Aya-chan? I’m so there! But a fairy’s tail…Har har har. I suspect the author knew how to write English titles just fine, but this name is just so Engrish sounding and it’s a sort of pun. OK, junvenile joke is over, moving on…

(No, OF COURSE I didn’t read the manga, duh. It ain’t my style)

Audio Column – The View from the AT Field 02

In this week’s “View from the AT Field”, I examine the fascination with “moe” using myself as a reference.

I’m actually pressed for time, so sorry if this doesn’t sound as smooth as usual (read: I think this officially sucks). XD

I’ve included the article here – The View 02.


Bonus ringtone using Aya-chan’s latest single – Please buy the legit full version if you like this!

Do support her by buying the single if you like the ringtone!

I think it rocks and has a fun punk rock flavor, even though this is a completely different style from “God Knows”. I do like it enough, and I’ll get the single when it comes out in Taiwan (where I reside right now).

Looking back at the last 10 years of anime in 2017

From The Diet 3 Daily (long ago known as believewhatyouhear.org news) in The Diet 3 –

Sept. 23, 2017, The Diet 3, Atlantis. As the Anime Diet web site is now literally a Cyber City with the address thediet3.atn that also has real physical infrastructure on the current continent of Atlantis (used to be known separately as California, China, India, Japan, and Taiwan) with the address atlantisempire.atn, the Diet 3 Daily will look back at the last 10 years in anime.

Lady Hirano Aya became the first “Haruhi (the rough equivalent of a high priest. Some have been calling her the Popette)” of the Religion of Haruhi. However, these days she’s looking to pass on her position to the current idol seiyuu, Tanaka “Tiffany” Sakura, because according to the Haruhi Apostles’ Creed, once “the Haruhi” becomes 30 years old, she has to give up her position to a younger woman.

We are expecting political intrigues, assassinations, poisoning and many more Otaku riots.

The Cyber Nation of Gainax has been fighting a bitter 2-front war with The Cyber Federation of I.G. Bones and the Cyber Ghibli Liberation Front. Anno Hideki lost his life in a cyber terrorism incident and lost all his capacity to be creative. These days he can be seen posing as Ultra-man in front of the physical infrastructure of Tokyo 30, the capital of the Cyber Nation of Gainax and muttering phrases like: “I mustn’t run away”, and “I alway bring trouble to everyone around me.”

Goro Miyazaki, the leader of Cyber Ghibli Liberation Front, has been churning out stick figure anime with exceptional quality music and gorgeous scenery; he insists on these being hand drawn without the use of any CG. Many critics hailed these as “facinating art pieces commenting the mockery of the truly classic of animation”.

Ishii Mamoru started a cult named Shirow Savior, which also happens to be the name of a mecha anime that features Ultranet-ready mecha that features only bishonen pilots and only moe girls that simply can’t be killed outright. The believers of “Shirow Savior” and the believers of “Haruhiism” have been in constant cyber paper fan battles since 2014.

The giant robot “Rahxephon” has been installed as the Guardian of I.G. Bones and it has been almost completely invincible in battles against The Cyber Nation of Gainax. In its last battle is slayed 15000 Eva Unit 13 mass-production types. Miraculously, a pilot only known as Ikari S., piloting Eva Unit X1, actually successfully defeated Rahxephon using the Lance of Longeness and what is now known to the Cyber domains as AT attack Field.

KyoAni remained an animation studio in Japan. However, it’s now also known as the “Underground Diet (Parliament)” of Japan. Because Cyber Gainax took over Tokyo and made it into Tokyo 30 and became separated from the rest of what once was Japan, Kyoto became the capital of what once was Japan once again. KyoAni’s AIR defense force series became one of the best sellers in anime all time. Rumor has it that KyoAni is actually run by Lady Hirano Aya, but our sources couldn’t confirm that.

the Otaku is now the 1st class citizens on the entire continent of Atlantis. Instead of the New Year’s Day, January 1st was change to “Otaku shopping Day”, on the day no anime-related stores would close and Otaku can shop 24 hours straight on that day and on January 2nd, which is now known as the Cosplayer’s Day, by law, everyone on the continent of Atlantis is required to cosplay as an anime character.

Common crimes include: whacking someone with a cyber paper fan and steal his or her memory while screaming: “nandeyanen!” Stealing priceless artifacts (figurines) of Kanon, Air, Haruhi, Akane (from Ranma) and others, Gigaslaving people up their asses and almost destroying the world in the process, disrespecting Lady Hirano Aya, dressing up as Zetsubo Sensei without screaming “I’m in despair” every 5 minutes, riding giant robots, mechas, Tachikomas and the like without a pilot’s license (a special license is required for piloting transformable robots). conducting mecha combat without applying for combat permits, carrying Claymores without symbols, using anti-Akuma weapons without registering with the Black Society of Jesus, dating yaoi vampires without drawing doujinshi of them, sexually harassing mecha musume (military mecha girls) and/or using them for prostitution purposes, hacking people’s cyber brains and play the OP song for Potemayo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 or 366 days per year in their heads, disrespecting your mother and Inoue Kikuko-sama(Belldandy, Mizuho, Miria) in the same sentence, and many other crimes, all of which are punishable by death with “Full Cavity Synchronization Capacity” probes, in groups inside special death agencies.

We here at The Diet 3 Daily is now fearing for our lives.