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Fairy’s tail; ya fairy; chasing that fairy’s tail

From ANN – Fairy TailAnime’s Voice Cast Listed in Shonen Magazine …Lucy: Aya Hirano Happy: Rie Kugimiya … Ray’s Take:  Tails and Aya-chan? I’m so…

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Audio Column – The View from the AT Field 02

In this week’s “View from the AT Field”, I examine the fascination with “moe” using myself as a reference. I’m actually pressed for time, so…

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Bonus ringtone using Aya-chan’s latest single – Please buy the legit full version if you like this!

Do support her by buying the single if you like the ringtone! [display_podcast] I think it rocks and has a fun punk rock flavor, even…

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Looking back at the last 10 years of anime in 2017

From The Diet 3 Daily (long ago known as believewhatyouhear.org news) in The Diet 3 – Sept. 23, 2017, The Diet 3, Atlantis. As the…

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