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Ray reports June 16 – Otaku gangster style

Ray promotes our presence in da world as well as talks about our plan for AX. Warning, Ray’s hot and in this one, he bares…

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Tsundere Banana Special – Haruhi Calls!

[display_podcast] In this episode of Tsundere Banana, Ray discovers an event to promote the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Movie in L.A. on 5:30 PM on…

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Moritheil @ Anime3000 Podcast

Moritheil has once again teamed up with Anime3000 for its August 13 podcast. Also featured are sdshamshel of Oguie Maniax and HisuiRT of Reverse Thieves….

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One step closer to Trekkie+Egoge fan’s dream come true

From Pink Tentacle – Tangible hologram projector …University of Tokyo have developed a holographic projector that displays three-dimensional virtual objects you can feel with your…

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International Saimoe 2009 – Round 5

So, like all otaku, I did my duty.  I climbed Mount Kunlun to pay homage to Haruhi and vote in the International Saimoe League 2009…

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Shojo Mojito: Haruhi Hurricane

Waaaaah! Sorry this week’s a day late, I was out of town and completely spaced. Anyways enjoy the Haruhi Hurricane inspired by of course, The…

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