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Ray reports June 16 – Otaku gangster style

Ray promotes our presence in da world as well as talks about our plan for AX. Warning, Ray’s hot and in this one, he bares his shoulders and neck for all the ladies and talking in Otaku Gangster Tongue at the same time! Smoking! XD

From AD Radtio – Ray’s Report June 16th from Ray Hu on Vimeo.


Tsundere Banana Special – Haruhi Calls!

In this episode of Tsundere Banana, Ray discovers an event to promote the Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya Movie in L.A. on 5:30 PM on January 25th at Anime Jungle at 319 East 2nd St. #103 (213) 621-1660. The TV crew is from Cine-tsu from TV Tokyo.

Also here

Source: Haruhi Suzumiya Fansite

He mentions a fan contribution to us for Cosplay Pictures from Comiket 77 (thanks, kona-chan!)

He also shares some of the choices for his Top Ten list for the decade of 2000 to 2009. Some of which are Haruhi, Lucky Star, Claymore and Candy Boy.

Lastly, he talks about the Claymore Petition (INSTRUCTION).

Simple, eh?

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Moritheil @ Anime3000 Podcast

Our powers combine . . .

Moritheil has once again teamed up with Anime3000 for its August 13 podcast. Also featured are sdshamshel of Oguie Maniax and HisuiRT of Reverse Thieves. The topic is the Fall 2009 season of anime, though the Spring and Summer seasons are discussed as well.

If you liked Mike’s take on Haruhi Endless Eight and wondered what Moritheil thought (especially in light of Yamamoto’s infamous Otakon apology), wonder no longer! Subscribe to the Anime3000 iTunes feed, or download the MP3 directly from Anime3000.

One step closer to Trekkie+Egoge fan’s dream come true

From Pink Tentacle

Tangible hologram projector

…University of Tokyo have developed a holographic projector that displays three-dimensional virtual objects you can feel with your bare hands…

Ray’s Take: Oh look! It’s Tasha Yar! Look, it’s Deanna Troy! Or for us otaku, look! It’s Haruhi, Mikuru, Azunyan and Mio jacking you off at the same time! Brilliant! Banzai for the Japanese, they’re making all the anime into reality!

International Saimoe 2009 – Round 5

So, like all otaku, I did my duty.  I climbed Mount Kunlun to pay homage to Haruhi and vote in the International Saimoe League 2009 Aquamarine Period — Round 5 elections. I am a blogger of Anime Diet, moritheil, making an obvious reference.

International Saimoe League 2009: Draw upon the power of your moe to breathe in space!

While this isn’t the original Saimoe we all love to gripe about, ISML is vastly simplified.  This directly benefits the participants in that it does not feel like working a second job.  The staff have also gone to extra lengths to be inclusive of international crowds and their submissions – some might argue too inclusive.  See this for Touhou-related drama.

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Shojo Mojito: Haruhi Hurricane

Waaaaah! Sorry this week’s a day late, I was out of town and completely spaced. Anyways enjoy the Haruhi Hurricane inspired by of course, The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Remember to drink responsibly and be careful in your drunken shenanigans!

Edit: I totally forgot to add that I did a Hurricane drink because of Gustav. Good luck to everyone who’s having to brave the storm and stay safe!

What is Shojo Mojito?
Every Friday (unless a horrendous hang-over strikes) I’ll be bringing you delcious drink recipes starring bishi boys and georgous girls from old and new shojo series! (or series that come close!)

Ringtone for this week: Haruhi’s “out of this world” self intro!

Well, isn’t is this a great way to show your class and your family and friends that you cannot be more Otaku-like even if you tried? Use with caution!

Or this may make good looking Japanese  guys and girls think you’re unique…Hey, anything for a chance to strike up a conversation, right?