Nobuo Uematsu’s Pinocchio take in Blink-0 1946


Any video gamer familiar with Square Enix RPG games would know Nobuo Uematsu’s credit on being the composer of Final Fantasy music. This summer of 2013 however, Blink-0 1946 was released as Uematsu’s first ebook credit. The story takes place in the period after WW2, where German doctor Dr. Mabuse successfully created artificial intelligence in a robot named Blink-0.

Similar to Pinocchio’s story, Blink-0 lives with a dream of becoming a human. There is a morality lesson to be learned in this tale. Not to spoil too much of this story, there are two ways to experience this product. One is to purchase the book to read on the iPad, or another is purchase the three specific track that is composed especially to tie into Blink-0 1946’s story. 

The three songs are “Blink-0 1946”, “Ah But Why?” and “So Close.” Upon my first time of listening to these pieces I was reminded greatly by Vocaloid music with its digital voices, but it can also be compared to MIDI music. So a reader reads the story and embedded within the pages are the songs itself.

I don’t have to say much about who the writer and composer Nobuo Uematsu happens to be, but for the illustrator of Blink-0, this is Hiroki Ogawa who works as a director under Uematsu’s founded music label for Dog Ear Records. The story is short, but for fans of Nobu Uematsu, this is a good book to experience.

(This Ebook was received as a review copy)

Author: Linda

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