Kodomo No Hi, a.k.a. BL day?

Today May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, is Kodomo No Hi (Children’s Day) in Japan. But it is more likely to be known as All Boy’s Day since March 3rd is All Girl’s Day.

And I just ate kashiwa-mochi this morning. It’s traditional to eat kashiwa-mochi on Children’s Day. I feel like I’ve become young forever by eating this mochi. Yes, eternal child or eternal youth, puer aeternus. 17 years old! Puer is “child” in Latin. I want to remain puer forever. And a female form of puer is puella, yes, Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

So, on All Girl’s Day, I did yuri anime top 3. So, what’s a good anime for All Boy’s Day? Kodomo No Jikan? No, that’s about lolicon. The Children’s Hour? That’s a lesbian thespian film. Mmm, can’t think of… Oh yeah, it needs to be BL anime top 3, but I don’t have that with me. So instead, I will pay homage to all the fujoshi around the world by eating kashiwa-mochi! I’ll stretch it from BL day to fujoshi’s day! Salute to their passion!

Author: Monsieur LaMoe

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10 thoughts on “Kodomo No Hi, a.k.a. BL day?

    1. Oh, yeah, my neighbors celebrated Cinco De Mayo outside, I was the only one ate mochi at home. Kodomo No Hi redefined, but couldn’t come up with BL anime top 3, so this day is for you!

      1. Don’t worry about it MLM. Let’s see my top 3 in BL anime.. Okane Ga Nai, Junjou Romantica, and Sensitive Pornograph.. but then again if you ask another fujoshi, she’ll probably list different ones.

      2. Cool! I will check out these titles! Yeah, each fujoshi got each taste!

      3. Oi!!! Warnings.. please read reviews before you watch.. Of the three titles I mentioned, Junjou seems to be quite tame. But yeah Sensitive Pornograph and Okane Ga Nai might be bordering on hardcore…. uhhh my sister is still pissed off at me for having her sit through one of my favorite episode in Junjou. I was talking about this with a fellow fujoshi friend, and she recommends.. A Foreign Love Affair.. which I also like, but the manga is ftw.. ^_^ Check out this link.. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/BoysLove

      4. Man… Please put warnings beforehand. I don’t watch 18kin. The link’s description is interesting though.

  1. Ahhh my apologies! Let’s see Junjou Romantic is in the same universe as Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi, but yeah.. majority of the bl anime titles is quite 18+ and hardcore… Without reading manga, then the pickings for what is good anime and bl is quite slim indeed. Unless you take the shonen-ai titles, that was mentioned on that list.

    But there are sill titles that are possibly worthwhile to check out. Let’s see Gravitation actually has a large following, it is not labeled l bl, but it proves as a stepping stone for a lot of people’s entry into bl titles.

    Also another titles are Sukisho or Gakuen Heaven. Sukisho mentions of a couple, with one male lead forgetting his memories, but has a split personality where a dormant remembers that he loves another male, and the other-his more dominate personality forgets. Gakuen Heaven is slightly like a harem series.

    1. I see, I didn’t know majority of BL anime is 18kin. So, BL masterpieces are mostly manga then. Why not these masterpieces animated? Is Sekai considered as BL or shonen-ai?

      So, Gravitation is a good start.

      From what I saw, yuri anime are not 18kin. Marimite is very platonic, almost no implication of yuri. Strawberry Panic is rather explicit, but still it’s not 18kin. Maybe the original game would be 18kin, but not anime.

      1. BL anime comes from anime, not very sure why a lot of 16+ series are not animated.. there are definitely more softer and censorship in writing.. so sex occasionally is not the main thing for the story, but anime fleshes out stuff way more. ^_^ You’ve definitely signed up for something challenging, so I commend you for your openness. I definitely can say one thing.. comparisons to yuri, it is seriously a more different field to adjust to. Really not sure why that is the case, but since you have been educated in the Japanese education system, then you might very well know how much gender divided is the male and female…

        In terms of manga, Juné Manga translated bl-manga, and they do label what is 16+ or 18+ appropriate. So I can definitely imagine you would be more comfortable with 16+ manga.

        Gravitation is definitely a good start, since there is only kissing.. Sekai is considered to be a bl. Shonen-ai is the same term as bl.. so you have to talk to me in degrees of explicitness, so do you find acceptable for how Sekai is doing?

      2. I see. So 18kins stuff is not as explicit in manga as in anime. Probably because of OVA. TV can’t air it.

        Sekai is not a 18kin, so I don’t have any problem. It’s actually interesting, but a pattern is kind of getting the same old. Uraboku was also okay to watch too. Nice story too. Any anime would be okay as long as there won’t be excessive violence or 18kin. Yuri is pretty much platonic and spiritual, not carnal. If yuri is rampant with 18kin, I wouldn’t watch it.

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